Global Questions (autopilot)

Hi everyone!

I just got into X-plane 11, and am learning about flight planing, FMS and all that mumbo jumbo which brought up some questions about the upcoming Global Flight update.

So I know that you can fly in one big straight line from your two destinations from screenshots of development, so I was wondering if you would be able to file a waypoint flight plan, (kinda like real flights) and then have the auto pilot follow that path without you having to change the heading every time, and adjust the climb/descent as needed. I was just wondering, because this would make long haul flights so much easier, while maintaining as realistic as possible.

Another question of mine is: will you be able to file departure/arrival patterns as wholes, like in real aviation? Just another thing about being realistic :)

Thanks everyone!

Lnav will be introduced (most likely) with global

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LNAV will be included with a global update.

You can use LNAV now through liveflight if you want.


As a pilot you can chose to fly a realistic approach/ departure however , it is not required

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You can do this already in the current regions but it will even be better when you can simulate real flights from your hometown airport to another destination. The possibilities are endless! :)


Lnav will do the work, just keep in mind, that , I don’t think it will land the plane for you, lol, but yeah Lnav does what you are seeking

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