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I want to renew my subscription at Infinite Flight, but how much costs it (euro’s please)

US Dollars:

A Yearly Subscription is: $79.99
A Six Month Subscription is: $49.99
A Monthly Subscription is: $9.99

British Pound:



A Yearly Subscription is: 84.99€
A Six Month Subscription is: 54.99€
A Monthly Subscription is: 10.49€


The best thing is for you to check yourself, if you go in the App Store or this page in Infinite flight to renew it you will see.

I can’t see it in the app store

Where can I see that?

You can see it on the app itself.

That’s weird because I actually paid 84.99€ for the yearly subscribtion.

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Remember the pound is worth more. Plus Apple don’t actually calculate based on the conversion rates, in theory the goods sold by them in the U.K. would be far cheaper then they are but they aren’t.


Well the conversions dont matter ;)

All I can tell you is that Global is 100% every penny

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Thanks, the only thing I now have to do is to save some money😂

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Whoa that Euro cost…if I’m not mistaken that’s almost 110 dollars. Does that mean you could switch to the American app store and save 30?


Yeah that’s a ridiculous price- I’d just make a new, American account

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