Global Photo Editing Thread

Hello IFC,

I believe that there is a need for all of the members of the IFC who take photos and don’t know how to edit them. Thus the beginning of this thread. The goal of this thread is to allow people to ask others to edit there photos.This will be all done via PM after you request the service on here. This is because if there going to make this into a topic for #real-world-aviation or #screenshots-and-videos we dont want to leak the photos!

Happy Editing,

I looked to see if this was a duplicate and didn’t see one after looking for 10min. Let me know if it is an I will flag it for closure. Also let me know if there is anything else I should add to this! C:

And the reason the person that took the photos can’t edit them is…? Doesn’t really make sense.


Because they dont know how or want it done to a different level.

Everyone has to start somewhere… you don’t get better if you have someone else do it for you all the time.


I think all can use these:

Also everyone has their own style so be kind of weird for other people to edit the original person’s photo…


this give other people a chance to get better by helping out other people.

There was formally a topic like this that got taken down due to using so much storage and how this is an Infinite Flight forum. Not an editing forum. Keep that in mind when posting topics.