Global Payment Options

Currently there are three main payment options for Global:

  1. A payment of AUD$10 which adds Global to monthly Live

  2. A yearly payment of AUD$90 which includes Live + and Global

  3. A one off payment of AUD$20 which includes just Global

I think that one of these option will most likely be implemented. There will be a lot of hate if it’s in a payment that you have to pay for again and again. If it’s a one off payment, and we can enjoy Global and all it’s updates for free from then on, I will definitely purchase it. If FDS want IF to get as close to a desktop sim as possible, they need to make Global a one off payment (like X-plane 10 global package)

Would love this - one condition would be it must work with solo and offline.


I Agree completely with this :P

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Don’t tell me you’ll have to pay for global if so what’s the point you don’t have to do solo. So it could be a rip off then basically your then paying to fly

Global will almost certainly be payware. They will probably make a region free. I am hoping it is a one time payment, and works with solo.

If it’s a one time payment maybe around £500

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500 Pounds? Whaaaat?

I hope you are being sarcastic…

Maybe the FDS should make it free as they would be better option or maybe in my opinion get a proper job like

Show me where they confirmed prices? What’s the point speculating on the price of global when nobody knows how much it will be, or indeed when it will come out.


And that my friend is just ludicrous…did you just pluck that figure out of thin air?


It will be within reasonable pricing. The development was a lot more than a few regions so expect a little more


Max 70€, price of a new game.

For me 1 game = 6 month → 1 year
IF is a new game (a320s; dash 8 Q400, 787s; new ATC fonctions; and global coming…)


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I’ve already spent £300 on this simulator, and if they’re going to charge for Global then I won’t get it, it should be included in Live+.

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well, honestly if its too pricey many guys wont purchase it. However devs said we shouldnt talk about pricing ;)


Nothing has been announced so speculating is pointless.