Global (Past Vs Present)

Hohoho! I see many people discussing about flying out of Kai Tak and then into airports like Incheon? 😂😂 I was wondering, if such a thing would occur, will our fellow developers open two seperate “regions”, one for past and another for present airports and not allow past airports to “overlap” with current airports, will they merge both? Or will they even create past airports?


I believe regions as we know them will cease to exist.


The airports in the game now will still be there when global flight is released along with 40000+ others. The only difference is that we won’t be restricted to only one region. We can all roam anywhere at anytime.

It seems that no one has understood what you mean besides me yet 😐😂. I would like to see these older airports, and it would be most likely that they’d be with all the others.

Translation for those who didn’t want to read the prompt properly:

He wants to know if airports that no longer exist in real life, such as Kai Tak or Chicago Meigs, will still continue to be present in the world after global comes. Will they be removed at one point, or uploaded into two separate entities to keep nostalgia versus realism?

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That makes more sense now.

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I’d say keep em.

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Kai tak was VHHX, Hong Kong is VHHH,
Would love to have old airports added

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