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Every time I go on a flight no matter how far or how short. I usually get about 20 mins in but the screen freezes but sound continues to play and I can’t do anything. I’m forced to close the app.

This is very frustrating as I was 6 hours into a 8 hour flight and it happened. I haven’t even be able to land once at all.

Any help would be appreciated.

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What are your graphics settings, device etc? Have you tried restarting the app and clearing your cache and RAM? Any information would be helpful!

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Please make sure all other tabs are closed before starting a flight. I’ve flown without doing this and I get the same problem


I am having the exact same problem as you. If you can confirm your devices specifications, I can try to see if this is an issue with the device.

My specs:
Nvidia Shield K1
2 GB of RAM Open
Graphics on Low
Cache Cleared
Device Restarted


Try to have at least 1GB of ram.
Fly on low settings
Restart your device before a flight
Fly in cockpit view it doesn’t have to render as much of the satellite images

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Ah sorry I forgot to post those details! I have a Samsung S8+

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It seems to be an issue on alot of android devices. Ive been using a galaxy s5 and having similar problems. I just installed it on my s7 edge to see what happens.

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However what I did find is; I left everything on the highest setting, restarted it, turned off Anti-Aliasing, restarted it again and then proceeded to fly from Dubai to Heathrow without any issues.

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Did you also turn off anti-Aliasing?
That made a huge difference with my tablet.

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Turned off Anti-aliasing on my Nvidia tablet, but did not help.


Put everything on minimum including airplanes count and fly into empty airports - does that help?

Hey @Max74257,

I got a thread started about a possibly related or same bug over at:

We have some developers looking into it, and I suggest using the steps I used to maybe fix it.

Happy Landings!

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