Global Livery Dictionary - For the ability to make Global Routes by Airline

I have made a separate link to this info

It has been hard to control via the Forum since I keep losing the ability to edit my entries


Where did you get this info from? Because LATAM does not offer flights to, for example, Melbourne. It only offers connections via OneWorld (Qantas) once LATAM arrives in Sydney.


Believe me I have done a ton of work getting it this far!


Fair enough. I was looking currently, but starts in October.

This project is now complete. ALL Infinite Flight Liveries, their airports and associated aircraft types are now linked in this document.

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How come the Northwest one is terminated you’ve some liveries of them in IF

It is no longer in service in real life ergo there are no airports associated. All the other liveries point to all of the airports used by that airline.


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