Global Keeps Freezing

Ok, I lowered everything in my settings , restarted my device, force stopped, cleaned cache, cleared ram, deleted apps, pretty much everything…but it still keeps freezing after about an 1 hour. My device meets all the standards…my guess it’s the servers…

Can we get more details about your device and operating system?

Mines freezers too once I’m about to land after an hour. I have a Galaxy S8 Edge.

Samsung android 6.0 2GB Ram

This also may be good to read thru.


Last resort, reset your router and try different areas of the map. Try disabling your minimap too. Things should be improving. Thank you for your patience.


Try closing the mini map. This was happening to me at first. After I closed the mini map everything seemed alright. @Qo_Pl @1ofthe3amegos


This happens to me also.

You turn the mini map off by putting Hud on Hud-1 right?

I believe thats the one. I remember Its the one in the middle lol.

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The HUD switch is right next to the icon that looks like a headset (button for ATC). Switch the HUD to HUD-2

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question, does the mini map only affect the game while in the cockpit?

The mini map is available in HUD view point and Cockpit viewpoint.

because I’ve been freezing in wing view mode not hud or cockpit

Yea, try switching your settings around on your next flight. Sometimes incoming calls, texts, emails and other background apps will decrease your devices RAM capacity which causes performance issues.

Yay, still freezing after an hour. Thanks for all the help anyway though. I know there’s going to be patch updates and bug fixes coming out soon so…I’ll just have to deal till then…

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Hi, I am also having this issue with global. I’m pretty sure it’s not my device because it usually happens around the same time each time and I’ve tinkered with the settings multiple times. I am running Android nougat on a OnePlus 3T. Have 6Gb of ram and a pretty powerful processor on my phone and the screen isn’t Super high depth. This happens every flight.

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