Global issue?

Is there a global server issue rn, i got logged out of flight and said global issue

@Prestoni what device are you using, and what is the storage status on said device.

Sometimes when you loose “Global”, it means your devices storage is too full to render the terrain within infinite flight

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its my moms old phone i phone 7

what about the storage?

ill check.

oh yeah its really full ill delete some stuff

That will most likely solve your issue!

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yeah it had all of her old apps. thanks for the help

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no problem :)

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@moderators , topic can be closed

why does it have to be closed

Because you’re question got answered?

As your issue has been resolved by the community

oh ok i just didnt know why it had to be ill close it

No need for the ping, a simple flag for closure would probably be best ;)


yeah just out of respect prob dont ping them

We don’t get pinged, and topics don’t NEED to be closed. :)