Global is not working

Can the people responsible for the Infinite Flight server check what is happening with the server? The global server keeps crashing all the time and airports don’t show up. I’ve done everything and the server is not back to normal.

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ye dis as been happening to people all over I thing u have to clear ur cache something like that

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I suggest you check out this topic:

Phillips has reportedly told us global server is a bit funky. You’re not alone :)

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There’s an update (19.03.02 if I remember correctly) for IF that was just released a few days ago to fix this issue. Try updating the app.

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What regions are these issues taking place? I’ve been doing US flights and it seems fine for me

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I noticed these issues as well. He was probably somewhere in South America. The update has improved things.

It should be fixed for now.

Make sure you use the latest version of IF from the app store; it contains a hotfix that should help but only if everyone updates :)


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