Global for incompatible devices

As I am sure many of you noticed over the last few days I have been trying to buy global but with no success. The problem was that my device is not compatible so I was wondering how many people had the same problem so I am proposing that we get a version of global for low spec devices it could be lower resolution and have no moon, sun, shadows or clouds. Please even if you don’t need it please vote for it and it may benefit the sim as people who left as the could not get global may come back.

I don’t think that will work…

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In order for Infinite Flight to grow and flourish there had to be sacrifices made. Technology especially with mobile devices and tablets is improving at a rapid pace. I think that allowing device requirements on the lower end of the spectrum takes away from the future and possibilities of Infinite Flight.


If they didn’t make it compatible with release it will have been because they just couldn’t support it. If you want to use global then you’ll have to wait until you get a new device.