Global! Fly out of Global!

Hey guys, Dose anyone know that in IF Global we can fly to space?

These Pictures are from Chinese fans club. A guy find a spot that can fly to space!

In a Chinese airport: ZUGU.

and chose a fighter, because we need speed to reach the space, near airport you can see airport like this

and go to right above the airport to begin dive! keep plane In the airport, or it will crash!


and finally!


This is very fun to do. Unfortunately I think that that ZUGU might get edited back to its original altitude. I hope that the devs decide to keep it though.

ZUGU isn’t the only airport you can do it at. If you choose the short final option for Lukla for the runway that will spawn you into the mountain, you can do the glitch.


Saved the link before this thread gets unlisted ;)
Gotta try this out!!!

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Nice job. I think this info could be great for people looking for a nice adventure.

I remember a video on this, try renaming the title to something like “Get to space on global” or “Infinite Flight Space Tutorial”

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I only get this…😐


Here is the video:

Credit to InfiniteFlightPosts


I’m still falling so far I’m at -80,000

It will be fixed FYI


Hey man, please make a video of how you get that moon big. I really feel incapable that I can’t understand a simple concept that everyone’s saying about the free camera 😑

Or if anything is out there already, somebody please link me to it, thank you.

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There’s the camera that you can use! :)

The Result:

(Click on pictures for better resolution)