global flight

does anyone know when or heard any thing about the next update and will it have global flight

I heard it will come when the developers release it.


They say it will come when it’s done.


I heard…It will come when it’s ready.

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Nope buddy sadly have heard anything else. But a wise shark once said, “Things come when they say they do”. Meaning if they haven’t said much they may not have it. Wise hommie sharko


It will come when it’s done 😃 Be patient.

A long wait is most unacceptable in the mobile gaming world. No mention likely was made/should have been made until it was close to release. (Within 6 months/End of Year)

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just got to wait and see

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The reason people are giving sarcastic replies is because there have been lots of these “when is global” and “when is the next update” topics before. It does get annoying seeing these repetitive topics.

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I rather like it.