Global Flight

I’ve just €5 left on my Itunes account to buy Live for Global Flight. But I’m kinda scared that the Global Flight will be more than €5. Does anybody know how many it’ll be?

Well one thing is for sure, it will be more than €5 - or I fully expect it to be as well.


One thing for sure is that no one knows so don’t speculate

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Ow crap. !

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You’re asking me not to speculate on a post that is pretty much asking for people’s opinions/best ideas. Whatever.

You obviously don’t get the point the devolpers ask people not to speculate prices no matter the topic or thread

Whatever. 😂😂😂 While I understand that the devs find this annoying, having one reply on a new topic which states a very clear question about pricing, there’s no harm done in replying a quick response to it.

If you have any further issues about what I say (because obviously of course I’m such a stupid person that doesn’t understand anything about the forums) contact me via PM. Don’t bother clogging up this thread any more.

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