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Understand it could be a real memory burn for the small devices, but is there a way to set certain waypoints on each region as “doorways” where one would select the airport to take off from and then an arrival region. The waypoint to use would simply be a different color and the pilot would fly to that way point at a certain altitude and be “skewed” to the landing region? exiting and entrance altitudes could be set so that exit must be 32,000 feet and when the sim reloads you will automatically enter back at the entrance waypoint “doorway” at 20,000 feet…it would then be possible to fly from Miami to Paris without sitting in Autopilot for 10 hours AND the memory issues on small devices shouldn’t be as much of a concern since the sim must pause and load the next tegion for arrival.

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That sounds like a memory leak waiting to happen. You will need to load small chunks of ocean at a time, and if for some reason, the chunks behind the aircraft doesn’t unload, that can really easily cause a crash. Also, attempting to load a buffer between the ocean and regions can be difficult because RAM can be pushed to the limit with the loaded region. So the app cannot load the next region without unloading the previous region first. I think it can work, but it’s a lot of coding for it to happen. All of the above is my personal opinion based on limited coding experience. Sothe devs might be able to give you a better idea on feasibility.


This is something that I would love to see happen and suggested a while a go, though I think you have described it better! Would prefer if the “gateway” was able to take you in at the same FL, speed etc as when you left the previous region.

I enjoy simulating airline routes for the Virtual Airline I am involved in and at present this means doing two separate flights ( take off and first region and then a tak off and landing in the second region) in order to simulate it.


In my opinion the best way to fly region to region on this level of different ram and processors is to add a common airport to the neighbor region.
German map should have a common airport with the French one and England and so on.
It’s not possible on all the regions but we can have a short landing and respawn on a different map but same airport. Take off and continue the flight.
On this level of programming and resources this is the only way to have region to region soon.


In the Solo Version you can already choose to spawn in landing configure on approach to different airports so might be easier to arrange? Am not a programmer so not sure how the coding would work, but would be possible to do Trans Atlantic / Pacfic flights where regions don’t easily join each other!


i think you misunderstood the solution provided in this post…I’m saying that on e you fly into the gateway, your current region closes and then another opens with you at a beginning poing within the region you had requested as an arrival. There is no need for additional coding terrain.


First off, I would like to congratulate Kerouac G-K for making the first publicized effort to fly long distances across regions. Now, here is my question, the space is already there. Is it possible for users to load 2 regions at a time where the device allows it? That can potentially be a stop gap before true global flight.


Yeah, I escorted Kerouac on that flight. We could see each other’s planes but he couldn’t see the scenery. Maybe instead of seeing ocean/white when outside of a region, it could load and close off chunks like minecraft. This would eliminate the lack of scenery when outside of the region and would also keep the memory from having to be gigantic in order to handle it.


Haha he wasn’t the first one to suggest this. The idea of global or at least region-to-region flights have been considered for a long time. For some reason in the last few days there has been a surge of users that really want this. This is good though! The devs notice which ideas are most urgent.


Many people want inter regional flight. It would be even cooler in my opinion to fly from Chicago Ohare to Amsterdam on KLM (Real route), or Los Angeles to Sydney on a Qantas 747 (Real route). Or Singapore to Sydney on an a380. (Real for both Singapore airlines and Qantas.) Or Seoul to Los Angeles (Seoul not in yet) This would be cool!


Also shorter flights like Virgin America’s route from Chicago to San Francisco (A320 coming with that livery) would be cool.


My idea is that the developers make an airway maybe 10 miles wide that goes between regions. Example: SoCal-Denver via Las Vegas.


This would be amazing. Would make a great stop-gap until regions are physically connected (If that ever happens).

Best, Boeing707


They could also add airports in between City’s for pilots to land for whatever reason


Good idea.


I don’t know the actual mechanism the app uses to load areas but it appears that a whole area (in some form) is loaded when you select FLY. To go from region to region you need to load new tiles in the direction of flight and discard from memory the unused ones (behind) in a dynamic fashion without interrupting the flying experience.

It might be that they have to re-engineer the app to allow for more dynamic loading and that is the obstacle to releasing this functionality - something everyone wants including the developers.

Then again, I could be totally wrong.


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Cool idea, but I was thinking more Narita-Ohare, Istanbul-Amsterdam, Paris-Montreal, Sydney-Dallas, Dehli-new york, Barcelona-Toronto … Those routes.


That’s something for a new topic. You can create a new topic for long range flights.

Long live the DC-9!


I think we should focus more on shorter commercial routes, maybe between 1-4 hours. I can’t see people flying a 14 hour flight from Sydney to LAX. Combining closer regions (in whatever way possible) should be the priority. For example, SoCal and NorCal. It would actually get regular use