Global Flight

Sorry, excuse my ignorance, but I’m still unsure of what Global flight will be. Will it be like a region or a seperate game?

It won’t be a region, it’ll be the whole world! Global flight will be in the same IF, not a different one.

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Okay, just wanted to confirm it will stay the same game. By region I meant how you purchase it and everything (:

The pricing of global flight is still being discussed. They want to make it fair to those who purchased Live+.

Since I’ve heard that an update is likely soon, should I wait until after it to see what happens before buying Live+?

The update is soon, but I wouldn’t expect global to be done this quickly. There are still tons of airports to make.

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This app may surpass FSX…
To keep myself occupied while waiting for Global, I’ll just get live+ I guess.

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