Global Flight: What is it?

Hi! I see people talk about global flight,so I wanted to find out what is it! I searched but did not come upon anything,so if anyone can tell me what a global flight is or link me a post that would be great! And before you close the post,please tell me so I can mark it as [Closed]


You can fly around the entire world.🤗

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It’s a whole global airport. Still in development.

Meaning you can fly to any place in the world.

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OH,so from what i see,people here are working towards making airports for infinte flight to use?

So we can fly anywhere without accessing another region?

Yup correct, not flying within region only.

Only the developers and the contributors (some members of the forum).

Ok it makes sense

is there a way people can suggest places for them to make?

I think they already have most of the airports in the world planned, but I’m sad that they won’t be doing Albany, NY (my local airport)😭

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They probably will,because this is a simulation game,so they have to include that airport

I checked in the thread, they said that it wasn’t planned. Then I promptly got kicked out because I wasn’t a contributor.

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Ok, thanks

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There is a list about that. But it’s closed.

You mean like in the airport in Fast and Furious?

Yes, I want this airport in IF. :)


If I want to suggest a airport/s what category to put it in?

It won’t be necessary to ask regions/airports since all of those will be included, but all of them won’t be added at the same time, all airports will come eventually by groups per update until all the +43,000 airports are in the game.

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