Global Flight unofficial Trailer on my Instagram !

Hey there ! I made a global trailer on my Instagram page (@if_4_you), this unofficial trailer was made by me and @aviationperth on IG, we took in total 3 days to make it so I would be more than happy if you could leave a like and a comment to give me your thought !
Here is the link:

Thanks !


I’m here as well… lol
Nice trailer


Lol this isn’t YouTube.


You can like a picture on Instagram

Yeah but close to everyone says that on YouTube.

Nice vid btw.


It’s a good one ! I’m so excited about global i hope it will be here soon

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Wait has global been released?

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It’s an unofficial trailer so no

YES!! It has! OMG, the wait is over!!!
Jk, it hasn’t released yet.
Have you been living under a rock??


Omg you gave me a fake joy 😂😂😂😂😂

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Don’t worry it’s in beta since 1 week almost 2 so we are close to play global now

Why did you put Coming soon near the Coast Guard C-130? We already have it.

It was legit! Maybe someone is working on a trailer 2 for IF GLOBAL?

Talked about the graphics

I love how you made that KC-10 pic look like a video. Nice job!

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Ooohh Nice… :))))))

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