Global Flight - The Log Book


@Antonio_Saunders the answer was right in front of you… let’s avoid off topic discussion.


I found a better deal…l can fly to Rome for around seven grand !!!


Just reached 2 million XP thanks to this flight. AFR23 JFK-CDG. 6 hours and 25 minutes. On the road to 3 million XP!



1.13 Hours.


Good idea!


Cruisin’ the west coast from San Francisco to San Diego


I am currently flying as Tahiti Airlines 515 from Fa’a’ā Airport to FAOR for a route that will take me directly through the south pole. It goes so down south cannot even track that fpl !


Be careful, your flight may literally crash because of a glitch. Do you mean you can’t see the curve on liveflight?

This is what will happen:



I don’t think it will crash. I think what he means is that the map is square so live flight can’t track his flight plan. Or it just maybe a bug which lol I’ve flight fails to recognize your flight plan.


Yes I know. He won’t crash tho, or am I not informed of some glitch that your talking about.


Well, I will have to attempt a flight like this again because my iPad was not charging so it died before I was able to reach Antartica… :(


Just finished my last flight of the year. From my home home airport (Houston Executive) to the Air Force Base That I’ll be at from the 26th-31st (Lackland AFB). Here’s to 2018!


I am flying WSSS - KATL in the Singapore Airlines 7810. Due to extremely favorable winds, my groundspeed is 615 knots and what should take an 18+ hour flight is expected to be only around 16 hours unless the winds suddenly change.


EGLL (London) - FNLU (Luanda)
8.5 hours in Boeing 737-700

We don’t have the TAAG Angola 777 in IF but we do have the 737-700 so I decided to fly the 737! It’s a comfortable flight for the 777 but it pushes the 737 to the limit, especially while carrying passengers. Still, a full tank of fuel was more than enough to make it to Luanda.

On the ground at London:

Descent into Luanda:

Safe on the ground:
(TAAG Angola livery is so sharp!)


jetBlue 500 from Daytona Beach to New York (JFK).
Overflying the sunny Florida coastline ☀️:

Parked up at JFK with an Air China 747-8i departing to Beijing:

I love the Canarsie approach :)


I love Daytona Beach’s IATA Code



Just completed a 777 flight from DFW-MIA. I am also now a proud member of the 1 Million XP Club!


Same here buddy! I reached 1 mil a few days ago! 😎



London City - John F Kennedy.