Global Flight - The Log Book


I am in the middle of a 12 - 13 hour flight… UAL 8 from Chengdu to San Francisco. I am in the air, but stopped the game for now, and will continue my flight when I wake up in the morning.

Departure Airport : Chengdu Shuangliu International Airport
Arrival Airport : San Francisco International Airport
Plane : Boeing 787 - 9 United ( United uses a 788 on this route but we do not have that in IF )
Flight time : 27 minutes
ETE to Dest : 12 hours 20 minutes
Cruise Altitude MSL : ( In feet ) Step Climb starting at 31,100 ; 33,100 ; 35,100 ; 37,100 ; 39,000 ; 41,000
( Final Altitude )
Speed : Mach 0.80


How are you able to continue your flight from where you left off if you’ve stopped the game, do you actually mean ending the flight?


last sunday i did KOAK-KSJC in a 737 flight time 1:27 also got vectored around by ATC to descend to the right altitude but not crash into mountains


That must have taken HOURS to make that flight plan!


That’s a very accurate description!


This was a beautiful flight, KOAK-KLGB!


I turn it on, takeoff, and just close it while charging. For me, if you turn it back on, it continues where it left off.


First time doing Perth to London!


It’s out! Another 10,000nm journey LEMD - NZAA

Flight time: 21h30min

787-8 (Boeing House) - Boeing doing its test flights for ultra long-haul

Initial cruising altitude: FL 310
Final cruising altitude: FL 390

I’d recommend not doing this route if you’re not familiar with trim…you’d end up crashing in the Pacific Ocean midway (left with 1% fuel on arrival)

My FPL (not the most optimal due to winds aloft):

No pictures as the FPL covers 70% water. Unless IF global covers water depth sometime in the future.


London to Perth on a sunny afternoon.


From the Azores to Canada, the moon rising over the North Atlantic.


How long did that take and what was your flight plan and weight configurations?


At takeoff…

Fuel 1,008kg (tanks full),
Pilot 64kg,
Cargo 33kg.

Four hours and twenty-eight minutes in the air, I was flying fairly fast and riding a tailwind for much of the flight, my ground speed must have averaged around 240kts.

I set out from Flores, LFPL, bound for St. John’s International, CYYT. I made a staggered ascent over the course of the flight, from 17,000ft to 21,000ft. Trim at 40% for much of the flight.


It is finished. Seventeen hours and thirty-one minutes. Battled a gusting 25kt crosswind to touch down in New York with 3kg of fuel remaining.


ZWWW - SCIP (I wanted to fly a 777-300ER but there’s no Boeing livery, so instead I chose a 787-8)

Flight time: 19h06min (9000nm+)


I bet you guys won’t want to fly this…

Edit: Don’t do this flight as there’ll be no gates big enough to contain a 787 in SCIP


Just completed Newark to Abu-Dhabi!
Flew the United 787-9 and due to the fast headwinds I would have landed at about 3 AM instead of 6 AM so I had to divert to London due to a "medic emergency.


Departing out of Réunion Island, France enroute to Mexico City (FMEE to MMMX, Boeing 787-8 Aeromexico)

100% fuel, 15 passengers and 1000kg cargo.
94% N1 flaps 15 Vr 165 kts initial climb 2500fpm 0-5000ft, 5000ft-30000ft 1500fpm, step climbs 700fpm 30000ft-40000ft with 2000ft intervals.


If you’ve nothing better to do in life other than spending 19hrs, behold the 9000+nm FPL:

I attempted to parked at MMMX T2 but there’re no gates that can hold the 787 so I squeezed into a GA slot.

P.S. Choose @Cavan FPLs if you’ve OCD and cannot stand non-curvy FPLs!


31%20PM 15%20PM


Decending into vegas


nice wing what airline was this