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Ok! Well I had a look at the exact same flight on FlightAware and its likely they encountered very strong headwinds.

I once did a flight from CYVR-NZAA at M0.84 and it took me 14 hours due to strong headwinds.


Yet another crazy long flight from FIMP - KSAN

Flight time: 20h43min

787-8 (Boeing House) - I’m taking it as A350-1000ULR test flight since it’s belongs to the ultra long-haul category and it’s also one of the newest commercial IF aircraft.

Initial cruising altitude: FL300
FInal cruising altitude: FL400


Last few WPT not shown, figure it out yourself.



Rockies Range

Edwards AFB

LAX from 26,000ft

Soon it’ll be from LEMD - NZAA, until then stay tuned for the test flight.


currently doing KLAX-KLGA in a southwest 738 expected to arrive at 7:15 PM


I am inflight in a United 738 from Newark ( KEWR ) to Salt Lake City ( KSLC ). I am doing a step climb, and am currently heading up to 36,000 feet MSL.

Departure Airport : Newark Liberty International Airport
Arrival Airport : Salt Lake City International Airport
Plane : Boeing 737 - 800 United
Flight time : 1 hour 20 minutes
ETE to Dest : 3 hours 18 minutes
Cruise Altitude MSL : ( In feet ) Step Climb starting at 32000, 34000, 36000, 38000 ( Final Altitude )
Speed : Mach 0.71

EDIT - I just finished my flight so here is a picture

Near Lake Huron in Canadian Airspace


Nice! Though you don’t need stepclimb for that route (maybe FL360 to 380) and your cruise speed should be 0.78/79.
But that’s just for extra realism :)


I am using step climb because that is the way the real United flight from EWR to SLC does it, takes off and goes to 32000 and works its way up to 38000 feet. Also, I have increased my speed but I was going slow because the plane took around
4 3/4 hours to arrive at SLC at a maximum speed of 550 mph which is around Mach 0. 71.

Global Flyer1


✈🌏~The World’s Longest Flight~🌏✈
✈Inaugural Flight✈

Finally arrived at Newark after doing a long flight. For almost 17 hours half of Singapore, but unfortunately on Infinite Flight there are no A350 aircraft. This is the first time I have tried to fly to Newark from Singapore, because there is no A350. So I flew using B78X. As a replacement for A350 aircraft
SQ22 | SIN to EWR | B787-10 | Singapore Airlines | 8.935nm | Expert Server
Altitude : FL320 > FL350 > FL360 > FL370 > F390 > FL410



Sorry…but there at least several others in IF who have exceeded your “longest flight” !


There is no A350-1000ULR as it is only a study for Airbus not an actual possibility at this moment. Do you mean the A350-900ULR?


No typo I’m literally taking it as the A350-1000ULR for 3 reasons:

  1. This is an unrealistically long flight (I believe it surpasses the A350-900ULR’s range).
  2. There’s no A350 in IF currently.
  3. The aircraft’s nose shape looks like the A350.

Probably I’ll not speak about it again for my next super long unrealistic flight if you mind.


Well, I might request A350-900ULR (900 was used for this flight) for aircraft feature, but need some help here. Can’t find the details.


I don’t think about that, and i don’t care too. If someone flies further than me


Like I said there isnt a A350-1000ULR even out there or even being worked on and if there was one being thiught of the range is far less than the -900ULR.


I set out from Heathrow, London on Sunday, having plotted a course to New York.

I’m flying a Grand Caravan.

I’ve survived the trip from London to Lisbon, I made it in little over four and a half hours. I’m hoping to leave Lisbon tomorrow afternoon bound for the island of São Miguel in the Azores. I’ll cross the archipelago and stop on Flores Island to take on fuel, and then, if I believe in miracles, I might just make it to Newfoundland. After that, it’s the Big Apple.

I’ll probably wind up getting wet.


A very ambicious route! Hope you make it…


Looks as though there’s a high pressure system due to develop over the north-west Atlantic towards the end of the week. I don’t want to miss that.

I’m not sure I’ll make it without fair weather, which I don’t expect out there regardless.


And just like that, it’s all over. I fell asleep and overshot the Azores. Oh well.


Noooooo! Well, next time you could try it in a faster plane, i.e. the TBM or the Citation. 😃


Well, that’s unfortunate


Was about to fly the NWA 742, but the fuel timer is just infuriatingly inaccurate. Was hoping to post here 😞