Global Flight - The Log Book


Only??? That’s impressive even to IF standards!


Just found MacPaps doing an amazing fight!


About to land at Los Angeles after a long 13-hour flight from Brisbane, Kept in sync with QF55!


I just took off from Sydney for a Flight to Tokyo and I then went on FR24 and who would have guessed that I was in sync with QF25 to Tokyo!


Flight for one day with B772 aircraft. Finally I was able to finish it yesterday. And this is non-stop flights and without transit from Auckland to Lisbon for 24 hours and a half. Previously I had made a flight at that time from Jakarta to Panama for more than 21 hours🙂😀


Wow that’s a curvy FPL! Did you use SimBrief?



All the FPL was done by you for those few routes?


but it all depends and maybe there are many still more routes that I will try to make😉😃🙂


Yesterday I did KJFK-KSLC in a JetBlue A320 which took 4 hours and 42 minutes


I’ve always wanted to do a long haul flight in/out of TNCM. Last night, I met that goal!


i did LGA to MDW in a southwest 738 flight time 1:56


Just did a flight from FACT - PHNL
Total FT was 21h05min
Aircraft was 787-8 (Boeing House)
Initial cruising altitude was FL 300
Final cruising altitude was FL 410
FPL shown below:

Some pictures of Global:

Flying over Samoa @ FL 370

Climbout from FACT, heading south towards Antarctica (I flew over Antarctica for quite awhile! Unfortunately, I have no pictures of it)

Moments before landing in PHNL


Oh so that was you I was watching doing FACT-PHNL on LiveFlight!

Very impressive, well done!


I recently flew the flight SQ325 from Frankfurt to Singapore.
Dep. 22:05 local
Arr. 16:15 local

at night over the Czech Republic

next day over India

descending to Singapore

final approach runway 20R

arrived punctual in Singapore at T3

Click here for the flightplan


I do not have the flight plan anymore or any pictures as I completed this flight 11 hours ago but I recently flew from Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada to Auckland, New Zealand.
Departure Airport : Vancouver International Airport
Arrival Airport : Auckland Airport
Plane : Boeing 777 - 300ER Air New Zealand
Flight time : 13 hours 59 minutes
Cruise Altitude : 36,000 Feet MSL
Speed : Mach 0.69 - Mach 0.75


Hi @GlobalFlyer1

Why are you flying the 777 at M0.69-M0.75. The 777 cruises at M0.84!


I know that the 777 cruises faster than what I flew at, but the flight time from CYVR - NZAA would not have been near 13 hours 45 minutes if I had not deliberately slowed down


I thought it was odd too but I wanted to make it as realistic as possible


Also, ANZ flew their 777 at a speed of around 560 miles per hour according to so it would convert to around Mach 0.74 - 0.75 which is what I flew at the speed of