Global Flight - The Log Book


Was flying from ORD-LGA but diverted to Cleveland due to a medical emergency


What was this emergency?


He probably simulated an emergency as if it were happening in real life


KJFK-TNCE (St. Eustatiaus)
Flight Time: 3 hours, 30 mins
Sim Time Departure: 10:48 AM
Sim Time Arrival: 2:06 PM
Caribbean Airlines 737-800

Shoutout to the pilot in Avianca who departed around the same time as me & was on route to Sao Paulo


EGLL->KMIA (London to Miami)
Flight time: 7 hours, 45mins
Qatar Airways B777-300ER


Singapore (WSSS/SIN) to Melbourne (YMML/MEL)
Flight time : 6 hours 30 minutes
Expert Server
Aircraft : Boeing 777-312(ER) / B77W - 9V-SWN



no refuel :)


Now over Baffin Bay doing a 21 h 15 min flight from KJFK - YPPH and I might not have enough fuel. Even after maxing out my fuel capacity on the 787-8. Oh well, guess I’ll have to divert to WSSS or some other airport. Trimmed perfectly, flew at M 0.82, not sure if cruising altitude of 31000ft is the right altitude for an aircraft with 70% load. What else can I do to extend my range? In the first place, max fuel for the 787-8 is 21 h 08 min (so close!). If I have to divert, how should I go about it? Do I have to make a new FPL to the diverted airport?

Callsign: Boeing 787


Are you near Alice Springs (YBAS) by chance?


Another flight in the books. NZAA-KIAH. 13 hours 6 mins!


KJFK - YPPH (Yay I did it without diverting to any airport)
Flight time: 21h53m
Expert Server
Aircraft: Boeing 787-8 (Boeing House)

Part 1 of FPL

Part 2 of FPL

Part 3 of FPL (Last few WPT not shown in 2nd picture)



Congrats, I knew you would be able to do it.


PABR to KPIT (5h55min)

15m to 500m imagery ‘smooth’ transition

Clouds have been added to IF?! Nah, that’s fog.


Lol. You took the long way (I think). Nice job!


Yes it’s extra nautical miles due to the FPL. But if I were to go via the Pacific Ocean it would rougly be the same distance.


Maputo (Capital of Mozambique) to London Heathrow!

Was quite a nice 9 and a half hour flight!


KSAN-KDFW american 738. flight time 2:24


Perth-New York, complete



What aircraft did you use?
How long did it take?


777-200LR, only 20 hours 19 minutes, so a long flight but I’ve done flights in excess of 24 hours and up to 46 hours with one fuel stop