Global Flight - The Log Book


PANC-KMEM: Ankorage to Memphis
Flight time: 8.5 hours
Aircraft: FedEX MD-11F
Rating: 10/10, love the scenery in the departure from Ankorage as well as Northern Canada 🇨🇦 and the US 🇺🇸

Departing Ankorage

Note that I did this flight in the Cargo FNF Event that is took place two weeks ago.


Delta flight 413 from New York (KJFK) to Athens (LGAV). Beautiful scenery of Greece and Europe!
Flight time:8 hours and 35 minutes
Rating: 10/10 for sure. Absolutely gorgeous scenery!🇬🇷

Landing in Athens


I can see my neighborhood in the 3rd and 4th picture! Nice ones!


Panama City (MPTO) to Buenos Aires (SAEZ)

A real-life route flown by the Copa Airlines 737-800, and one of the longest 737 flights in the world at 7 hours long.

It was 90°F in Panama City and the plane was loaded close to MTOW for this very long flight. With non-derated thrust and flaps 5, we used almost the entire 9,000 foot runway. Probably should have used flaps 10! Fuel tanks were almost full; we didn’t dip below MLW until the last 2 hours of the flight, and had 2 step-climbs.


London Heathrow (EGLL) - Reykjavik Keflavik (BIRK)
3 hours

Gotta love the 757-200. Takeoff was above MLW with flaps 1 and derated thrust, and although it was a long takeoff run, the 757 still climbs like a rocket. Guess there’s no taming the beast!

Steep climb and turn out of London Heathrow, looks like a roller coaster:

Approaching Keflavik, slightly undershot the descent requiring a 360 before final:

Parked at the gate as the sun started to rise:


Orlando (KMCO) - San Juan (TJSJ)
1.5 hours

A relatively uneventful flight. Departed before sunset and arrived after dark. There was some light to moderate turbulence climbing and descending through the upper altitudes. Of course it was a hot evening in San Juan, so landing on the 8000 foot runway was fun. Full reversers deployed, and used the last runway exit.


I’ve been on the longest from Panama to Montevideo. trust me when I say being on a B737 for 7 and a half hours is not fun. I’d rather be on a run down 767 for that time than a 737.


Getting ready to do a long haul from DGAA to KIAD if anybody wants to join. Departing in about 10 mins.


LLBG to LYTV. Nice route about 2.5 hours with beautiful view on coast of Israel after take off and very nice approach to Tivat.


Some Of My Past Flight

El Paso - Los Angeles

Aircraft: 737-700 Southwest (2014)
Time: 1:38
This Route has amazing scenery like parts of the Grand Canyon If You Fly that route or the route I took which is through Palm Springs And San Bernardino Forest!

Melbourne - Alice Spings

Aircraft: 737-800 Qantas New Roo
Time: 2:37
This flight is also pretty scenic with the scenic outback landscape and Uluru cliff on approach of Alice Springs!

Perth - London

Aircraft: 787-9 Qantas
Time: 17:25
A very long haul flight, if your able to stay awake or look at the perfect time, watch as you pass through the alps 78% the way there! Enjoy this long haul 😉

Phoenix - Brisbane

Aircraft: 777-300ER Virgin Australia
Time: 15:38
Another Long baul that you may enjoy, take a chance to fly over Tahiti and Los Angeles! One Again, enjoy this long haul 😃

San Francisco - Honolulu

Aircraft: Alaska A320-200
Time: 5:25
A Medium + Long Haul Flight to Hawaii. Many flights with the brand new Alaska A320 are hard to find but this is a RL flight that Alaska flies. Also a scenic approach to Honolulu and departure out of San Francisco!

Orlando - St. Maarten

Aircraft: A320-200 American Airlines
Time: 3:25
A scenic route from the Florida shores, Key West, And thriugh the Caribbean Islands! And also the very popular approach on St Maarten

San Diego - San Jose

Aircraft: 737-800 United Airlines
Time: 1:25
A short flight to an unpopular airport around San Francisco, a beautiful flight at sunset! Enjoy! 😉

If you read through all the flights, thank you! And if you fly them, Double thank You! Enjoy! 😉


Thank you for flying this route. You have made my day. :D

KSJC all the way!!!


WSSS-SEQM in the B787-10. Testing out the range this thing has. At MTOW and max fuel. May not even stop at SEQM depending on fuel remaining.

No I did not plan that symmetry departure to my FPL. Just had to deal with an inbound on a red runway I had to avoid.


It has 13,000km range. The 787-10 is not for flights on the opposite side of the world.


That’s Singapore to Quito.
Then again, you have LATAM doing that Aukland to Santiago in the 787-9, so it’s about the same…


Flew into OMDB out of OEHL, the most random airport ever. Just to fly the CRJ-700



Flight Time: 1hr
Aircraft: B738 Delta
Rating: 8/10 ⭐️ Nice scenery over US West Coast and Geogious decent into KSFO.

Departure from Los Angeles

Mid flight over SoCal

Approaching San Fransisco


United Airlines Flight 988 (EDDF-KIAD)

Normal Transatlantic Flight, nothing too special. And it’s fun to do these long hauls in the 777 ;)

Heading south over Canada/Northeast.

New York City and Long Island (my home!) from the east.

Delta Connection/ExpressJet Flight 5565 (KATL-KTLH)

This was my first flight in the new CRJ-700. It was pretty good! I really like this plane! And the route was nice too, a quick hop over Georgia and Northern Florida.

Reaching FL280.

Flying over Southern Georgia.

Castle Aviation Flight 915 (CYHM-KCAK)

A night flight in the mighty Cessna 208, this was a decent route. Although I couldn’t really enjoy the scenery, as this was an hour long flight between 11:00PM and 12:00AM.

I like this livery for the C208, but I think it’s outdated :P

Almost to Ohio!

Fedex Express/Wiggins Airways Flight 8401 (KPVD-KMVY)

Quick flight from the mainland to Martha’s Vineyard. Cruise was pretty low, only 3000FT.

Heading south over the Buzzards Bay and Vineyard Sound.

Sounds Air Flight 502 (NZNS-NZPP)

The second best flight scenery wise. It was fun cruising through the mountains of the Southern Island of New Zealand!

“She’ll be coming ‘round the mountain when she comes!”

Valleys are so gorgeous to me! :)

United Express/Mesa Airlines Flight 6014 (KIAD-KBUF)

My second flight in the new CRJ. This was fun because I flew from my favorite AIRPORT (Washington-Dulles) to one of much favorite regions (Upstate New York).

Heading north over Virginia/PA.

Crossing the border between PA and NY.

Royal Jordanian Flight 262 (KJFK-OJAI)

This was definitely the best flight SCENERY wise. It started off normal as I climbed Northeast over Long Island, CT, MA, ME, and Canada. Then I went to bed. When I woke up I was around Turkey. The scenery was amazing! Especially after crossing the Mediterranean Sea and descending over Israel and Jordan.

Normal climb towards to Atlantic over the Northeast.

8 Hours later when I wake up, the scenery is AMAZING!

Cyprus, as seen from the Mediterranean (FL410).

Approaching Israel.

Welcome to Jordan!

Overshot the descent, so I had a wonky approach over the desert.


I’m back to some GA Flights!

Not a Specific Flight (20N-1B1)

Nice quick little hop across the Hudson in a Cessna 172 from 20N (Kingston-Ulster) in Ulster County to 1B1 (Columbia County).

Crossing the Hudson!

Not a Specific Flight (Pattern Work at 1B1)

I like 1B1 Airport a lot, so I decided to do some pattern work there in the Cirrus SR22!

Left downwind for Runway 03!

Callsign Unknown - Flight seen on YouTube (1B1-KSCH)

I saw a flight from Columbia County Airport to Schenectady County Airport, so I decided to try it out!

Crossing the Hudson heading Northwest!

Parked at KSCH!


This was a great flight from Morristown Municipal Airport in Morris County, NJ to Montauk Airport in Suffolk County, NY! The flight plan took me north over Morris and Passaic/Bergen Counties in New Jersey, then into Orange/Rockland Counties in New York before crossing the Hudson River into Westchester County, NY. Then I began heading southeast through Fairfield County, Connecticut, before crossing the Long Island Sound into Suffolk County, NY. I then crossed over the Hamptons while lining up for Runway 06. The final approach went over the Fort Pond Bay and Lake Montauk.

Climbing North over New Jersey.

Crossing into New York.

Crossing the Hudson River and heading east over Westchester County.

Approaching Bridgeport and the Long Island Sound.

The Connecticut Shoreline/New Haven, Middlesex Counties (Towns of Branford, Guilford, Madison, Clinton, Westbrook, and Old Saybrook).

Approaching the North Shore of Suffolk County, Long Island (Towns of Mattituck, New Suffolk, Cutchogue, Peconic, Southold, and Greenport).

Shelter Island.

Turning east towards Runway 06 over the Hamptons.

Descending over the coast, and the towns of Amagansett, Napeague, and Montauk. Also visible: Napeague State Park, Hither Hills State Park, and the Hither Woods Preserve.

Final approach over Lake Montauk!

Welcome to Montauk Airport! I had a bumpy taxi for some weird reason. But it was still a wonderful flight. More GA Flights to come!


Amsterdam to London Heathrow


10/10 ⭐️

Flight info:

Aircraft: ERJ-190 KLM Cityhopper
Flight time: 40 min to 1 hour
Ranking: 10 ⭐️

Flight details:

This was just a simply amazing flight! Departing Amsterdam with some traffic was amazing. Then after a short hop over the English Chanel we pass the English shoreline. Then as I started the decent I turned into the river and followed it’s snake like pattern literally until less than half a mile! The approach was so much fun and challenging. I totally recommend this route!


Delta Connection/Skywest Flight 7332 (KTUS-KSLC)

My first actual flight in the CRJ-900. I was pretty impressed! It’s not that different from the CRJ-700, but both are fun to fly ;)

Scenery is amazing!

Grand Canyon National Park.

Parked at Salt Lake City.

NetJets Flight 990 (KCOU-KOMA)

I can’t seem to find the flight data for this flight anymore, but NetJets Aviation uses the same flight number for different routes. This was a fun quick hop from Columbia to Omaha in the Cessna 750 Citation X. The best part was cruising at MACH 0.90!

Beginning the descent into Omaha!

Allegiant Airlines Flight 1107 (KBNA-KMYR)

A quick hour long flight from Nashville to Myrtle Beach. Scenery was okay, nothing to write home about, but if I would have been descending in the opposite direction into Myrtle Beach I would have been a little more impressed.

Heading east at FL350.

Qantas Flight 27 (YSSY-SCEL)

This was perhaps the most interesting flight, NOT SCENERY WISE, just the story behind it. I flew Qantas Flight 27 between Sydney, Australia and Santiago, Chile in the 747, but this is interesting because it is known as a “Southern” Flight, since it travels over the Southern Ocean near Antarctica, then to the North while following the Andes Mountains. However, the interesting part is that people observe this flight to debunk theories about the Earth being flat. What do you think? ;)

Climbing out of Sydney!

The next morning, at around 11:30 (in game time), over the Southern/Southern Pacific Oceans.

Following the Andes Mountains North towards Santiago.

Parked at Santiago after a 13 Hour overnight flight!