Global Flight - The Log Book


Wish l could have been a fly in the cockpit watching your climb rate indicator !!!



London - Wellington (EGLL-NZWN)
Fully loaded A380

Taking off from London

Desceding upon Wellington

At the gate in Wellington

The flightplan from London to Wellington. You can see the flight time, fuel used, and fuel remaining.



Nothing much really, just a whole bunch of crosswind touch and goes. Got me a truckload if XP though! 😂


Grade 5


I can only hope


So I’ve always seen this topic, but never was really sure what it was. So people just post routes they’ve flown?


Essentially yes, but you can always add photos from routes and with all the information.


Ah cool! I’ll have to post here more often!


Singapore to Sydney on Expert IMG_0190

SO CLOSE TO 100,000 XP, anyways I took a bunch of photos on this flight, they are on the best infinite flight photos thread if you want to see them.


Another successful overnight long haul EIDW - KMIA


and I thaught my 7 hour flights were impressive… rip


I was doing a flight from Ho Chi Mhin to London when i thought ooo why not let the engines 2 and 3 fail (i was in a BA 747-400). I had to divert to Phnom Penh in Cambodia and it was quite fun.

image of the KML file:

i recommend doing these emergency situation type things it is really fun!

When i ended the flight i realized i had just surpassed 1000 Hours Fight Hours and 645,000 XP!


Started at VHHH for the FNF last night and flew to KBOS. Landed then did the turn around and flying back to VHHH on the route today’s CX811 is flying. Should be a total of 30 hours straight but my phone can handle it (Note 8).

Takeoff from VHHH was smooth with some minor turbulence over the Northern Midwest of the US. Textbook landing in KBOS with the crosswind. Take off from KBOS was a little more difficult with the crosswind component but still textbook. Should be arriving at VHHH in about 14 hours.


Landed at VHHH. After over 15,000nm and 29hrs and 55min starting from the FNF then going to KBOS and back. Another textbook landing at VHHH with a textbook approach.


Just did Los Angeles to Brisbane! it was a pretty nice flight. i got to have a sleep in because the flight is 13 hours long!


No stopovers along the way?


No one stop over in KBOS. I stated earlier how this was to mimic the real life flight from VHHH to KBOS and back.


Taking the Plunge! KLAX-FACT on a fully-fueled 787-8


SEMT to VIDP with @AndrewRG10 and @Jacob_Sim. 10,000nm in 18 hours! Arriving in time for FNF.


Flight: KLM 662
Aircraft: B747-400
Route: IAH 🇺🇸 -> AMS 🇳🇱 KLM 662
Time: 8:40