Global Flight - The Log Book


my god, youve been quite busy havn’t you? XD here I am not being very creative with were im flying to, I may do Lax to Tronto with a 787-9 in the future, so far the finished flights i’ve done mainly consist of JFK-Heathrow, and Jfk-LAx.


Getting ready to approach Tel Aviv in my first Trans-Atlantic Citation X flight (this thing is kind of nuts).



That’s a massive range for a citation


Yup, it can fly for a while! Gone for over 13 hrs on it.


Bringing in some last minute visitors for the F1 race tomorrow!


Oof man I saw you approaching Melbourne


Just finished a really nice one from Sydney to Seoul


Did you refuel?
If no then it’s a new commercial record!
Good job!


we had some solid tailwinds over the Atlantic, still had about 2 hours left in the tank!


My first ever flight was from LPPT to LPFR in a E190. I landed on the sand because I was still a noob. Now I can somewhat butter haha 😅


1 million XP flight

B787-8 IF Livery


Stupid me thought it said 1 million XP earned


Here are the flights I’ve done in the last 15 days.

Amsterdam (EHAM) - Accra (DGAA)

A 6 hour flight on the wonderful 77W. The scenery over Western Africa is beautiful, particularly the transition between the Saharan Desert and the humid, green lands over Ghana. The descent into Ghana gives you a great view of the green below, the coast, and the city. I totally recommend it.

Seoul (RKSI) - Chicago (KORD)

I did this overnight flight, 12 and a half hours long, expecting ATC in Chicago the next day. I was right, and got ATC coverage at O’Hare. This flight is great for three reasons: 1) you takeoff in daylight, and land in daylight. That means I got to see the sunset and if I wanted to, I could’ve seen the sunrise; 2) the views over Korea and Japan are stunning. I don’t normally fly around that area, and I found the huge mountains and the coast really beautiful; and 3) the views over the Midwest USA, particularly Wisconsin, are pretty nice. You get views of Green Bay, Milwaukee, and Oshkosh. I totally recommend it.

Tampa (KTPA) - Indianapolis (KIND)

This flight is roughly 2 hours long, with some pretty nice views over Western and Southwestern Florida. I also really appreciated the green fields over Indiana and Kentucky (or Tennessee, I can’t really remember).

Paphos (LCPH) - Manchester (EGCC)

This is a wonderful 4 and a half hour flight on the 738, spanning pretty much the entire European continent. The departure is absolutely stunning, with a great view of Cyprus. The balkans are beautiful, as always, and the UK has nice scenery.

Sapporo (RJCC) - Tokyo (RJTT)

This is a very short flight, only 1 hour and 15 minutes. Nothing too special, but I discovered a new gem: Sapporo. The climb out is irrepetible. The mountains, the coast, the city and the ocean. Incredible stuff.

Vancouver (CYVR) - Mexico City (MMMX)

I really enjoyed this one. Despite making a mistake regarding ToD and arriving like 20 minutes later than I should’ve, this 5 hour flight really spans a great variety of imagery. The departure from Vancouver, with a view of the bay, the mountains and the urban areas. The cruise over the mountains in Utah and Nevada (with a bit of glance of the Grand Cranyon) and The consistently impressive views in Mexico.

Lima (SPJC) - Barcelona (LEBL)

A wonderful flight, 11:30 long, really surprised me. Even though Peru doesn’t have high quality imagery, it is quite a great view as you climb out. The mountains, with nice lighting, look striking. And of course, the views above Spain are amazing as always. Don’t really need to explain that.

Frankfurt (EDDF) - Oslo (ENGM)

Short flight, 1:30. The lack of 3D scenery close to the airport is a little disappointing, but it doesn’t really matter. The views of the Northern sea are brilliant, and as usual, the German countryside is very pretty.

Failed flight

Lajes (LPLA) - Lisbon (LPPT)

This was supposed to be a normal flight. It was the first time I’d been to the Azores, and I planned to land in the mainland 2 hours later. To be fair, I completed most of the flight. The views were pretty nice, especially the coast near Lisbon and the bay with views of the city and the port. The app unexpectedly crashed 7 nautical miles from the runway.

Sarajevo (LQSA) - Stockholm (ESSA)

This two and a half hour flight is a great opportunity to be in Sarajevo and the airport there. The city, right next to the tall hills and the small airport is astonishing. An excellent view that you don’t see often. The approach to Stockholm Arlanda isn’t anything too incredible, but still pretty chill.

Cairns (YBCS) - Brisbane (YBBN)

I recommend everyone reading this to fly out of or into Cairns. It’s such a spectacular place. The two hour flight to Brisbane is a gorgeous one, but the departure and climb are simply breathtaking. The mountains, the imagery, the light blue coast, the beach. Totally recommend it.

Singapore (WSSS) - Beijing (ZBAA)

This is a 5 and a half hour flight on the 787 offers awesome views of China, which I view as a very underrated region of the world in IF. It is huge, and has amazing variety, yet almost always empty. Beijing is a pretty beautiful valley of sorts, with mountains very far in the background. Some almost classic Chinese countryside, and in the middle of that a huge airport. I strongly recommend it.

Amman (OJAI) - Jeddah (OEJN)

This is a magnificent 1 and a half hour flight on a heavy: The 788. The Arabian desert is marvelous, but the true gem is the departure. You can see the city, the hills, the Dead Sea, Israel and the Mediterranean. All from 30,000 feet.

Naples (LIRN) - Venice (LIPZ)

This is a very short flight. Not even an hour long, the spectacular departure is truly unique. You get the volcano, high above overlooking the city, the bay and the port. The cruise is spectacular over Italy and Venice is stunning. I don’t think I can even begin to describe how it looks.

Brussels (EBBR) - Rome (LIRF)

This is another classic light from Northern Europe to Southern Europe. You fly over Switzerland and the Alps, which you are probably familiar with how they look. This is a short one, 1:40 and it is completely worth it.

Toulouse (LFBO) - Lyon (LFLL)

This is a very short one, roughly 40 minutes. I have said this before, the terrain and landscape in southern France are spectacular. This one is 10/10 recommended.

Warsaw (EPWA) - Copenhagen (EKCH)

I will always stress how underrated Eastern Europe’s scenery is. This flight leaves beautiful Poland, for the absolutely stunning Copenhagen scenery. It is an absolutely remarkable. The bay, the view of the city, the coast and southern Sweden.

Copenhagen (EKCH) - Berlin (EDDB)

This flight is a very short 50 minute hop from Denmark’s capital to Germany’s. The departure from Copenhagen is a pretty beautiful. And Germany, as always, is amazing. Berlin looks pretty nice.

Kaunas (EYKA) - Copenhagen (EKCH) // Diverted to Malmo (ESMS)

This flight, leaving underrated Eastern Europe (Lithuania specifically), was supposed to be a chill 1 hour and 15 minute flight to FNF, and enjoy the view of Copenhagen. This didn’t happen. Because of the high traffic, the unfortunate circumstances and the controller changes I was vectored away from the airport twice. Because of this, the flight ended up being 2 hours and 25 minutes long, almost double what it was supposed to be. This came to an end when I almost ran out of fuel in the middle of the sequencing, and had to tell ATC, that allowed me to land elsewhere. I finally landed in Malmo, which is about 20 nautical miles from the airport, with less than 500 kg of fuel, having left Lithuania with over 5,500 kg. I had the roughest landing I have had in a while.

Orlando (KMCO) - Louisville (KSDF)

This is just another common east coast flight. 90 minutes long, to the UPS super hub. I honestly recommend everyone fly the departure from Orlando, which looks pretty nice.

Montego Bay (MKJS) - Fort Lauderdale (KFLL)

This is another 1 hour and 20 minute flight to Florida. The scenery departing Jamaica looks excellent, and that is really the best part of the flight. The views near the coast, especially The Bahamas, look great. The light blue water, the huge urban areas next to the coast and the swamp in the distance are irreplaceable.

Havana (MUHA) - Orlando (KMCO)

This 1 hour flight was the first time I had been to Cuba. Havana looks stunning as you depart, as you can see the port, the city and of you look South you can see the other side of the island. The Florida Keys are also breathtaking.

London (EGKK) - Cancun (MMUN)

This was my first time flying to Cancun, in almost 6 months of global. I regret not flying there earlier. The 10 hour light from Great Britain in the 789 is a very good option if you’re looking for an overnight flight. The approach to Cancun though, is simply spectacular. Just amazing.

Bogotá (SKBO) - Mexico City (MMMX)

I tookoff from Colombia expecting a 4 hour flight over Central America, with gorgeous views all over the places. Well, it delivered. Yet again, despite non HD terrain, the scenery after departure and during the climb were really good. But the true gem was southern Mexico and, like always, Mexico City. Though at the end there was a little problem with my calculation of ToD, resulting in a late descent and the approach controller sequencing me all the way to the back of the line. When there was a controller change, it seems like there was an issue and I ended up flying 95 nautical miles from the airport. I had to turn around once I was so far away that I couldn’t speak to ATC anymore, and I was vectored back to the airport. I ended up landing with less than 1,000 kg of fuel and 5 and a half hours of flying on the clock.

Thanks for reading!


i would love to fly over seas as an overnight flight while im sleep but unfortunately my phone get so hot while flying and on the charger. i can only fly for so long because i only have a mobile device to fly with. Global is great but cant fly when i wan the way i want. SUCKS!!


You do such a great job of detailing your flights l wonder if you have not considered being IF’s first director of International Tourism… or else an aviation travel critic…l wish l could actually board all these virtual planes !!!


Here are two flights I did in the last few days:

Dublin to Providence, Norwegian 738
There is not a lot that happens on this flight but nonetheless, it is enjoyable to cross the pond in a 737. First there’s the departure out of Dublin which was nice including the Irish countryside. After that there’s about 3-5 hours of water which is pretty uneventful but still nice. The you fly over Canada followed by the arrival into Providence which was in my case, very foggy. The flight was uneventful but still an enjoyable flight.

Copenhagen to Innsbruck
This flight was a very nice short hop from Scandinavia to the Alps. The departure from Copenhagen is very nice, Germany’s countryside is very pretty aswell but the arrival into Innsbruck is just spectacular. The Alps look amazing and the approach to runway 08 is very fun. This flight was a very nice short hop between two completely different landscapes.


Did a altitude test flight with the 747-400 in the SoCal region on Casual Server with:

1:30 minutes fuel
No pax
No cargo

Achieved 747 altitude ceiling of 45,000ft in 12 mins


Don’t have a screen shot but I am currently flying Bridgetown to JFK on jetBlue A320, B6 1562, recreating my redeye flight from Saturday.


Sorry to hear about the failed LPLA flight. Great thing you kept track of it. Most would not even notice.


Incheon - Jakarta (RKSI-WIII) | B777-200ER | Asiana Airlines 729

Departure : 23:00 (Local Time)
Arrival : 3:00 (West Indonesia Time)
Cruising Altitude : 32000ft

Just because its 3am?? My camera getting buggy when i was taxiing to the gate


Taxiing to Parking…

Total Flight Duration: 5hr 30min