Global Flight - The Log Book


Isn’t that so rewarding, a nice approach and a smooth landing


it also crushes your soul when you do a long flight and crash



IAH-FRA B748 9:18


Two weeks in, March has been an intense month so far. With the update out, the CRJ around the corner and the whole year ahead of us, it’s looking like a good time for the sim.

⚠️WARNING⚠️: Long comment ahead of you. 20+ flights, so I recommend that if you don’t care (which I suppose most people don’t), use the blue bar at the right to skip it.

Belfast (EGAA) - Manchester (EGCC)

A short 45 minute flight, on the A319. The climb from Northern Ireland, the cruise next to the Isle of Man and the descent over Liverpool are really nice. I did this flight with @Aniflex02, and it is a perfect flight to do if you’re in a bit of a hurry.

Zurich (LSZH) - Madrid (LEMD)

About two hour flight for FNF, over some varied terrain in Western Europe. The departure from Zurich is simply stunning, with mountains in the background, hills below you and green as far as the eye can see. Spain is also beautiful, with yellow, dry mountains all over the place. I loved this flight.

Las Palmas (GCLP) - Madrid (LEMD)

This flight that connects the largest city in the Canary Islands and mainland Spain is a little over 2 hours long, on the beautiful 789. The morning departure from Gran Canaria is simply gorgeous and the cruise when you’re entering the Iberian pensinula, over the Portugal/Spain border is great. The descent is very pretty too.

Caracas (SVMI) - Miami (KMIA)

A retro flight on the beautiful Avensa DC-10. Over 3 hours long, with a surprisingly nice departure despite of the non HD terrain, a beautiful cruise over the Caribbean and an always good approach to Miami Int’l.

Denver (KDEN) - Chicago (KORD)

First time I’d visited Denver and Chicago in a while, and it did not disappoint me. The climb out of Colorado is so good with those mountains in the background, and the flat rural lands to contrast below the you.

São Paulo (SBGR) - Los Angeles (KLAX)

Just under 11 hour overnighter, with the MD-11F. The sunrise departure from Brazil was something unique, and the imagery over northern Mexico is too. As always, landing at LAX is a great experience, especially coming in from the south. Recommend completely.

Orlando (KMCO) - Washington DC (KIAD)

This flight on the 739 is a pretty standard one. Still a great flight, as it is only about an hour and 40 minutes long, and the departure from MCO is pretty nice. Very nice flight.

Portland (KPDX) - Oakland (KOAK)

Two popular airports from the good ol’ region days. This is a great flight, only 1:20 and with remarkable scenery all the way through. The DC-10F is a great plane, and the San Francisco Bay is an excellent place to fly to.

Tehran (OIIE) - Dubai (OMDB)

First time flying out of Iran, definitely not my first time on the EK 77W. At 1:45, this is a great short flight on the 777. The climb out of the Iranian capital I admit surprised me quite a bit. Very recommended.

Miami (KMIA) - Providenciales (MBPV)

An American Eagle flight, 1:20 long, that I decided to fly with the US Airways Express ERJ-175 (since they’re kinda the same company now). Providenciales is the city in the Turks and Caicos Island, a British overseas territory in the Caribbean. This flight is very beautiful, and PLS isn’t an airport you visit often.

Dzaoudzi (FMCZ) - Nairobi (HKJK)

Air Austral 977 is a flight that flies the Dzaoudzi, Mayotte to Paris Charles De Gaulle on the 787, with a stop over in Nairobi. I only did the DZA-NBO Leg, which is 2 hours long. I really liked this flight because you don’t often fly this livery, airport of region of the planet. The last minutes before TOD and the descent are extremely scenic, trust me.

Phoenix (KPHX) - Dallas (KDFW)

90 minutes from Arizona to Texas, on the A320 for FNF. The departure from PHX is absolutely amazing and the last portion of the flight is also really lovely. I totally recommend it.

Memphis (KMEM) - Dallas (KDFW)

My second flight for FNF that day, only an hour and 15 minutes on the FedEx MD-11F. I really liked the scenery in Arkansas, very nice green fields.

Paris (LFPG) - Djibouti City (HDAM)

This Air France Cargo flight is a trip that reaches places like Djibouti, Reunion, Madagascar and Nairobi but in this particular case I did the 6 and a half hour leg to the capital of Djibouti. The scenery over Eastern Africa is just stunning. Sudan’s coast, Eritrea and Djibouti look absolutely beautiful with a combination of light blue water, islands, desert and hills. Just striking.

Casablanca (GMMN) - Paris (LFPO)

This Royal Air Marco flight is one I’ve thought about doing since the day Global was announced. It is 2 and a half hours, on the 788. Everything about the scenery throughout this flight is just breath taking. The climb out of Casablanca, with a view of the city and the coast in gorgeous. The cruise over Spain is, as usual, really good. And the decent to Paris offers some really underrated imagery. 10/10 recommend.

Failed Flight

Delhi (VIDP) - Tokyo (RJAA)

I decided I was going to do this less than 7 hours flight on the JAL 789 on Saturday. I took off on a flight like any other, expecting stunning terrain over China and Japan. About 5 and a half hours later, I grab my iPad and I am terrified with what I see. The black floor bug. Since there isn’t a fix for this bug, I ended the flight on the spot. Quite frustrating, to be honest. To FDSk credit, on the 5+ months Global has been out for, and the bug been known for, this has been the only occurrence of this bug so far.

Belize City (MZBZ) - Houston (KIAH)

United Airlines flies this route from Belize to their super hub is operated by the 738, and is 2:15 long. What made me do this flight is that Belize City does sound like an ‘exotic’ place to fly out of. To be honest, the departure is just incredible. I really recommend it.

Shenzhen (ZGSZ) - Chengdu (ZUUU)

For the first time I flew a domestic flight in China. China is really underrated. It has huge variety and I am sure there are many hidden gems within its territory. This was one of those flights. Departing Shenzhen is unlike departing any other airport I’ve flown out of so far. Throughout the entire duration of the climb you see urban areas below you. 1:35 later, you arrive to TOD to see some beautiful hills and green areas, and a huge mountain range seen in the distance as you close in on CTU.

San Andres Island (SKSP) - Medellin (SKRG)

Lan Colombia 4139 is a flight that operates the A319 from the Colombian Island of San Andres, located to the north of Panama and east of Nicaragua to Medellin, one of the biggest cities in Colombia. Despite the non HD terrain in sout America, for some reason San Andres Island does have HD terrain. Needless to say, the takeoff was pretty nice. The island looks beautiful as you distance yourself.

Buenos Aires (SABE) - Córdoba (SACO)

First flight on the beautiful newly added Aerolíneas Argentina’s 737-800. This was a 1 hour flight to the second largest city in Argentina from the small airport in Buenos Aires, Aeroparque (AEP). Nothing outstanding, the lack of high quality imagery is quite noticeable, but I still enjoyed the flight.

Khartoum (HSSS) - Addis Ababa (HAAB)

One leg of the multi-leg flight that Emirates Skycargo operates in this region. This flight in an hour and half, on the 777F. The departure from the Sudanese capital is nice, though the airport isn’t edited so watch out for that. As I’ve said before, ADD is beautiful, and has beautiful terrain al, around it. That in addition to the traffic at FNF made it a pretty nice flight.

So, I like making maps. I just love staring at them (don’t judge me). When I found I could create a map myself, I thought of something quick and easy to try out the platform, so I did all the countries I’ve flown into, out of or within. I’ve also added the countries that I’ve departed from on a flight I didn’t end.

So, a few days ago, I decided I would share it with you.

So, that’s it. Thanks for reading!


I flew IAD-MCO in the UA 739 about to weeks ago, it’s a nice flight.


You should visit the Scandinavian countries as well. I know I’ve only flown in Africa twice, but your goal is to visit all countries and states and provinces.
EDIT: It will be three times after today


Certainly. There are a few reasons I haven’t flown to the Scandinavian countries yet:

  • It’s rare to have ATC there
  • There’s no 3D terrain
  • They are a little far away (for European standards) from the rest of Europe.


Attempting VIDP-ELLX in an A321
Almost 8 hours of total flight time!
Hope I can make it there


@Chimy and I just finished a nice 13 hour haul from Dubai to Melbourne


Nice one! Which device do you use for these long hauls?


good ol iPhone7 on the newest iOS


6S Plus over here. Atleast I have a bigger screen :)


True, but if I really want a bigger screen I can just plug into my laptop and run it through Quicktime player :)


Just completed my longest flight yet:

Aircraft: 777-300ER (Cathay 77H)
Route: HKG-EZE (~11,200nm)
Time Aloft: 21 hrs 17 mins

Left at MTOW including 270 passengers + bags and max fuel, landed with ~18K lbs fuel


21 hours?!? gg I just did a 5:30 hr flight XD


Flight from JFK to Lax flew over the grand canyon :D


Hello All - lately i’ve mostly been flying from Europe to the middle east or Europe to north america since the 6-7hr flight time suits my daily routines

Here is my list below
LHR-DXB on the 773R Emiretes
LHR-DOH on the 787 Qatar
MAN -YYZ on the 787 Air Canada.


You have any pics from those flights? If not I would suggest taking screenshots unless you’re not near your device while flying.


This beautiful photo of me flying from Ayers Rock YAYE, to Alice Springs YBAS, in Australia. A very special flight. 1,000,000XP achieved!!



Just did Klax-KSFO, Did not land that well due to some headwinds I think I landed at like -550 or so vs, Have no idea if that is good or bad, also am unsure if I did a tail strike, I don’t think so, hope I didn’t