Global Flight - The Log Book


IAH, and HOU are good ideas!


It’s been a busy February for me, but I always find time to do some nice flights, try new airports and participate in Live. Here are my flights from the last month.

Dubai (OMDB) - Cairo (HECA)

3 hour flight across a lot of desert, with some hills near the Egypt-Israel-Jordan border. Lovely views of the Suez Canal and some of the terrain near the Egyptian capital.

Johannesburg (FAOR) - Nairobi (HKJK)

Three and a half hours long, on the LH Cargo MD-11F. It’s one of the legs of the trip that connect Frankfurt to South Africa operated by Lufthansa Cargo. The HD terrain only kicks in late in the flight, so the views aren’t that good, but you still get a view of Mt. Kilimanjaro. The approach into Nairobi is also very nice, so I recommend this flight.

Addis Ababa (HAAB) - Lome (DXXX) - New York (KEWR)

Ethiopian flight 508 operates thrice a week connecting the capital of Ethiopian to the Big Apple, with a stopover in the city of Lome, in Togo, West Africa. In total, it is almost 16 hours of flying, 5 and a half from Ethiopia to Togo, and a little over 10 for the long flight to Newark. My longest flight yet, offers some great terrain over Central and Western Africa, and a stunning night approach into Lome, flying over Benin and Nigeria. The flight to the USA from there gets you a great view of Boston close to Top of Descent. 10/10 recommend.

First Leg (HAAB-DXXX)

Second Leg (DXXX-KEWR)

some proof in case you’re skeptical

Charlotte (KCLT) - New York (KJFK)

I hadn’t been to this American Airlines hub ever since the old days of regions. It’s a 1 hour flight on the 738. Nothing impressive, just a great short flight.

Boston (KBOS) - London (EGLL)

5 and a half hours of transatlantic flying on the beautiful BA 772. Surpsingly short flight. I don’t thing I have to repeat just how awesome the Irish coast looks from 35000 feet. 9/10 recommend.

Zagreb (LDZA) - Paris (LFPG)

1 hour and 40 minutes connect Croatia and France. The departure from the capital city is very nice, very underrated. The view of Slovenia as you climb is incredible and the classic alps, that we’ve all flown over a million times, never stops looking great. The approach into CDG looks great over the French countryside, the flying over urban Paris. Great flight, I recommend it.

Amsterdam (EHAM) - Geneva (LSGG)

Exactly one hour flight, so it isn’t anything too incredible. The departure and climb over the Netherlands actually looks pretty nice. It’s also a little different, since I’ve never flown into Geneva from the north. It offers a different perspective, even though it still looks insane.

London (EGLL) - Bangalore (VOBL)

10 hour overnight flight on the 777, operating Speedbird 119. The approach into Bangalore is stunning, and the late stages of the approach look even better. Bangalore is a great airport that gets little attention, so I reccomend it if you’re into quiet, yet beautiful airports.

Addis Ababa (HAAB) - Mumbai (VOBB)

A little over 4 hours, with great variety of scenery. From mountainous Ethiopia to desert and a little flatter Somalia, and then stunning Indian coast, and hills next to Mumbai, ending with what would’ve been a scenic fina, approach to Runway 27. I say it would’ve been great because that day the fog was so intense, I could only see the runway when I hit 50 feet. It was a firm landing, for sure, but I am satisfyied with my performance that day.

Bangalore (VOBL) - Colombo (VCBI)

1 hour and 10 minutes, flying over the city of Bangalore, absolutely beautiful, and then an ever more amazing cruise next to the Sri Lankan coast, with a breathtaking approach to Colombo. I really recommend that approach.

New York (KJFK) - Athens (LGAV)

A retro flight on the Olympic 742, flying accords the Atlantic Ocean and landing in Greece before hitting 9 hours of flight. The cruise and descent near and over Greece is absolutely insane, I really should fly there more.

Paris (LFPG) - Cairo (HECA)

This flight is another retro flight, this time at near 4 hours. The morning departure from Charles De Gaulle is amazing, and the descent over green farmlands in Egypt looks even better. Recommended.

Salt Lake City (KSLC) - Seattle (KSEA)

I feel like SLC has seen a huge downfall in popularity. After the release of global, everyone was going absolutely crazy on how amazing it looks. And I agree. That’s why I decided to fly from there to FNF, and K have to say I don’t regret that. The departure is gorgeous, and the descent into Seattle next to tall mountains is breathtaking.

San Diego (KSAN) - Seattle (KSEA)

Another flight into FNF at SEA, this time a flight that is a little longer, a little over 2 hours, from the very south city of San Diego up to near the Canadian border. The views climbing out of San Diego are wonderful, and the approach to Seattle is always an excellent example of what IF has to offer in terms of scenery.

Failed Flight

Sofia (LBSF) - Munich (EDDM)

I planned this 1 hour and 40 minute flight from Sofia, an airport I wanted to visit but hadn’t yet, thinking it would be another weekend day at home. Turn out, not long after the impressive scenery of Bulgaria was behind me, there was an electricity cut here, and so my WiFi died. I had to leave the flight as I left home, and crashed somewhere southwest of Munich after running out of fuel while I was AFK.

Casablanca (GMMN) - Algiers (DAAG)

I did this short flight with @Aniflex02 on the 738. It was just over an hour long, and had some impressive terrain combing hills, sea and coastline. 10/10 recommend.

Fort Lauderdale (KFLL) - Port-Au-Prince (MTPP)

At 1:45 hours, it is a great flight if you want to see the scenery in Haiti, that I did with. And trust me, you should. The approach to the Haitian capital is phenomenal, and the scenery to the north, especially the northernmost coastline, is also very remarkable. @Aniflex02, who also flew this with me, and I strongly recommend it.

Halifax (CYHZ) - Montreal (CYUL)

1:30 minuets Kong, though if it weren’t for those 100+ kts headwinds, it would’ve been a lot shorter. A think the highlight of the flight is definitely the views of New Scotia. Green, clear hills and plains with some beautiful outstanding elements.

Kuala Lumpur (WMKK) - Auckland (NZAA)

10 hours exactly, doing some retro flying to New Zealand. Flying to New Zealand is always a spectacular experience. I recommend this flight lot.

That’s it for February! Chances are March will not be as active as the last three months, but I am looking forward to what is going to be a great future for Infinite Flight Global!


Very well detailed! I’ll be sure to fly some of those routes


Wellington (NZWN) - Christchurch (NZCH)

Flight time: 47 mins.

Aircraft used: Air New Zealand A320

Beautiful scenery as expected in New Zealand. Stunning views on takeoff and cruise. Very enjoyable short haul. A few images are down below:

Image 1 (Using Current Time):

Image 1 (Using Noon Time):

Image 2 (Cockpit View of the same area in Noon Time):

Image 3 (Landed safely in Christchurch):

LiveFlight Screengrabs:



Overall Rating: 9/10



This Flight was with @Goran12


Thats below minimums i’m sure.


Now that you say it you’re probably right.


Tucson-Los Angeles | 737-700 Southwest


That was a challenging landing on Bermuda…


Alert (CYLT) to Resolute Bay (CYRB) with a Canadian Airforce C130J-30.


CYYT-EGMC (was suppose to be EGLC) in a Q400








In your photo of the logbook what happened on your recent flight put if VHHH. Why did you turn back


EGLL-YSSY with a stop in Dubai!


Finally did a 737 delivery flight for Norwegian! Been wanting to do it for a while now.
You’ll be surprised how far can a 737 get with full tanks and no payload :)


Distance: 4140nm
Flight time: 9hr10min


Bouncing over to KIAH from KMIA (literally bouncing, it’s quite windy)


Just finished my first CargoLux flight from MMMX-ELLX


Approximately how long was the entire flight. From startup and push back to land and park


Well, I had to make an emergency fuel stop which took about 10 mins and I had to go around because the runways changed and that took maybe 10 mins. In my logbook it says 10hr 36min but I’d say it was around 10hr 16min-6min


I flew from Paro (VQPR) to Lhasa (ZULS) with a Dragon Air A321. Had to go around on Final because another plane was still rolling for takeoff. ATC cleared me for a left Downwind and I landed successfully afterwards.

Definitely one of my better approaches. Perfect line up with the runway, and very smooth landing.