Global Flight - The Log Book


I flew from KSAL to KMEM in a FedEx MD-11F. Beautiful view of canyons departing from KSAL.
Didn’t get it on LiveFlight unfortunately.
Took about 3 hours and 30 minutes.
(This was a flight for FedEx VA)


I cruised up to
Darwin International, Northern Territory
Perth International, Western Australia as Qantas 792.

Now heading back to Perth as Qantas 793.


I’m currently flying over the Indonesian Islands from Bangkok(VTBS), on my way down to Melbourne(YSSY).

I fly for Thai Virtual Airlines. They’re a great VA if you’re looking for one to join.

This B744 is quite an awesome aircraft. This is now my third flight in this plane. My first was from VTBS - UUDD and my second was from EGLL - VTBS. I like the colors, too!


My first major Post-Global flight!!


KATL-EDDF Lufthansa Cargo

ZSNB (Ningbo) - VHHH (HK) (operated IRL by Hong Kong Express)


Doing an overnighter from KSLC to LFPG. Hopefully my phone makes it till the morning/I wake up in time!


Doing a JAL 787-9 Delivery Flight from KBFI to RJTT

Track me:


Oh i saw you on LiveFlight


I am just finished Moscow to London in the Aeroflot Cargo MD11F


1. KDRO - KABQ (Durango - Albuquerque), FedEX C208

2. KABQ - KDFW (Albuquerque - Dallas Fort Worth), FedEX MD-11


Honolulu (PHNL) - Majuro (Marshall Islands)
Decided to do this flight after seeing a Flight Vlog from AvGeekYVR’s Channel. Im thinking about do all 6 of the flight he took.

My Video.



Post this in Best IF Vids plz


Ive had the exact same problem twice before.

My screen just turned black and when i tried to land in boston it just kept dropping when i touched down and then said crashed. I wish IF will fix this problem soon.


A few hours out of KSFO coming from Sydney


Yeah it’s really just a pain especially flying long haul and just seeing black terrain. I always have stable connection but it always happens to me


I’ve had better luck setting it on night and Scenic 2, like they say in the help topic about this.


Status: flight has completed.

Allright, here we go: planning a flight from Broome, a small to town on the west coast of Australia, flying to Adelaide. Server: Expert.

Broome has an 8300 feet runway, so I’ve decided to take the Boeing 738 with the old beautiful Transavia livery. A totally out-of-place livery and aircraft, but ah well, what do you do: I do Boeing and the Qantas 767 is too big.

Leaving at 18:30 Zulu.

Life flight link:

18:35: we’re in the air

18:55: reaching cruise altitude at FL290. 2.5 hours to go. Time for a movie.

20:00: half way! Still no active ATC in Adelaide. Hopefully in an hour or so.

20:30: planning my descent to 11,000; will start descent 136 NM from my next waypoint at 1200 feet per minute.

21:00: descent started
I see a black area below. This is not good. I’ve had switch away from the IF app to upload screenshots to this post and the IF app does not like that. I run the risk of not being able to see the terrain during landing. Also I may now appear as an UNKNOWN to the ATC.

21:15 now at 11,000. The black area is getting larger…

21:30 landed safely in Adelaide. Happy this time there was no ATC, as it could not have been pretty…

Next time I will think twice before interrupting the IF app on my tablet…


Just finished a long flight from Shanghai Pudong to Abu Dhabi in the Etihad A340. Lovely scenery over China


4 Mil…but who’s counting!


Want to add some new stops on here. Suggestions?