Global Flight - The Log Book


That route is serviced by a Q400 I believe. Can the airport accommodate a b717?


Well, me and a few others flew an A320out of LHI.


I don’t think so it was more of a proof of concept route I don’t think it is accurate to real aviation


Conducted a flight in the KC-10 Extender. Transported some USAF Personnel to Pine Gap Joint-Military Facility near Alice Springs.

Origin: Yokota AFB, Japan
Stopover: Alice Springs, NT.
Destination: RAAF Base Richmond, NSW, Australia.

FL: 350
Flight time: 15hrs 20mins
Call sign: Air Force 7 01 1 7

Photos below. Enjoy.


I’m currently flying. Sending VH-OGG / QF6021 off to Victorville via Honolulu for the end of her career with QFA. The link below should send you to me on Liveflight.


British Airways A380 from LHR to LAX in 9hr en 50 min


In case you want to follow and see how this one goes, I’m attempting another 208 delivery. This time it is Wichita to Zanzibar for Zanair. I’m currently on leg 2 between Searcy, AR and Grand Bahama. I’m heading south and going to attempt that Atlantic crossing from eastern Brazil to Africa. This time however, I’m only going to be flying while I can monitor the progress. So this might take me a week or so as I work 7 hours a day (not enough endurance on the 208 to keep it running. Callsign Zanair 2 08 on the training server. Uggh, 44 hours.

Below is my planned route.


I made a flight from Doha (OTBD) to Auckland (NZAA). If you fly this route you’ll see a beautiful departure right over the desert. After about 16h of flying you can see the coast of New Zealand. It’s just magnificent.

Airplane: B772 LR of Quatar
Distance: 8000 Nm
Altitude: from FL310 to FL390

Takeoff from OTBD


Reaching FL200

Descending into NZAA

Right downwind runway 23L (23R is used as a taxiway)

Turning base

After a go around I finally arrived at the gate

The Route


JAL 787-9 “Delivery Flight”

KPAE PAE TOU 4824N/12452W 4829N/12511W 5138N/13454W GUPEY 5300N/14000W 5400N/15000W 5440N/15645W 5500N/16000W 5510N/17053W DRAPP AMOND PINSO 5259N/17115E OLCOT 5058N/16425E OPHET OGDEN OMOTO 4859N/15959E 4544N/15402E OPULO ONEMU OATIS ARMOR 3635N/14238E 3540N/14160E KETAR 3535N/14147E VEPOX 3551N/14052E SEDNA 3532N/14046E RJAA

Climbing out of Everett

Olympic National Park

On final RJAA 34L

Parked infront of JAL Hanger


Just now departed LIMC for EKCH

See some people around maybe I’ll bump into one of you

I love departing North from here. So beautiful.


Mumbai to Bahrain (VABB-OBBI)

VABB 2113N/7205E SASRO TELEM 2419N/6660E 2432N/6450E JI EGRON EGPIC 2510N/6010E 2512N/5922E 2516N/5747E IMLOT LALDO ATBOR 2517N/5445E 2519N/5438E ELUKU 2536N/5328E ALPOB 2554N/5236E SOLEG 2610N/5160E 2611N/5159E 2612N/5156E RABLA SOLOB 2622N/5123E 2620N/5115E 2618N/5057E 2622N/5044E OBBI
Departure Runway: 27
Arrival Runways: 30R/L
Track me if you want. On final descent to OBBI.


Operated as Southwest flight 2004 (WN2004/SWA2004)
Landed in Los Angeles just as the sun was setting yesterday evening, catching @Cameron_Brown approaching Orange County from the north when on final approach at LAX


Completed a flight the other day.

London Heathrow to Melbourne International via Perth International.

Completed as QFA10 in the B787-9 with max pax and cargo.

FL330 LHR - PER.
FL400 PER - MEL.
Total Flight Time 19hours 21 mins.

Photos below, not in any specific order.


So today I’m starting a flight that will take me around the world in 1 weekend or so. The Flight will start at YYZ and ending their too. The legs of this flight will be YYX-CLE, CLE-LAX, LAX DXB, (yes, west to go east), DXB-SIN, SIN-SFO, SFO-CLE, and right back to YYZ. This flight has taken 2 weeks to plan, and lots of practice flight to make sure that I can fly around the world in 3.5 days. If any one wants to join in, the first flight will start a 4:00 PM EST.


I saw you on Live Flight, it was a beautiful sunset, I came from Portland (PDX)


Madrid - Barcelona - Palma - Barcelona


EGBB to TNCM Pretty good flight in the MD-11. Cruised out at FL330 and had smooth air all the way there. Cool sunset too.
Part #1

Part #2


So far today SFO - PDX - MSP (now en route) - JFK - maybe LHR afterward?


Currently flying from Amsterdam to Cape Town in a KLM 787-9.


I flew from NZAA to OTHH then OTHH to KSFO then from KSFO to EGLL
All in a 777-200LR