Global Flight - The Log Book


It is true, I fell victim to Mt Guardia once.


Same here nice 4hr flight. No hiccups until boom…where’d That mountain come from.


Call me crazy, but that might actually work, if the winds won‘t change:

Plane: Airbus A321-200, All Nippon
Distance: ~5200nm
Flight Time: ~10h

Wish me luck. If it doesn’t work I’ll either manage to land in Honolulu, or I’ll have to ditch.

But currently it looks like it works. 9h flight time left, and enough fuel for 11.5h, thanks to almost 100kts winds.



Me and @Kyle.r24 cruising over the Pacific as we speak. Decided to slow down and say hi lol. We’ve got 14 aircraft within 100 miles of each other, heading east and west. Remember guys, see and avoid. Or just pay attention to radar.



I have a new appreciation for the Dash 8 now. Decided to fly it the other day.


Short hop from Isle of Man to Barra Airport in the Cessna 208. Gorgeous scenery all round


Well, I made it. Tokyo to San Francisco, 5200nm in a medium haul Airbus A321! Thank you, winds.

Longest flights with single aisle aircraft

A3231 is medium haul I thought?


It is. I wanted to test how far I can get with it.

Turns out: 5200nm are no problem if you have strong winds. I even had like 23% fuel left at the end.


Flight time :13hrs
Airline:Singapore Airlines
Plane:boeing 777-300er
Notes: beautiful flight saw both sunrise and sunset some screenshots took off on fnf so very busy at honululu and beautiful sunrise on climb out very calm winds all flight, beautiful sunset over manila 9-10 hrs later all and one of my best landings ever under a lovely moonlit sky very enjoyable flight!


What the heck you might have even been able to make it somewhere like KORD, thats crazy


After @dasmarc did it I thought I would give it a go! I am taking off from narita in about 15 mins and will send an update in a few hours as to how I get on thanks @dasmarc for the great idea


Gatwick (EGKK) - Montego Bay (MKJS)
9hr41min flight

EGKK RW26L RW08R KKW02 KKW04 KKW06 KKW07 KKW09 5103N/38W 5057N/121W BUMUX 5041N/400W GITUS RIGDI TESDO GAPLI 4960N/800W OMOKO 4800N/1500W 4735N/1713W 4700N/2000W 4656N/2017W 4500N/2639W 4400N/3000W 4000N/4000W 3960N/4000W 3830N/4320W 3500N/5000W 3456N/5007W 3128N/5612W AMENO KOZIK MCOOP MLLER 2356N/6815W MNDEZ CERDA EYSEL 2149N/7048W GTK TOMAZ CARAH SKHOT 2058N/7341W 2051N/7407W 2051N/7407W 2039N/7456W UCU 1941N/7615W RABAG 1915N/7652W IMADI 1838N/7745W LENAR MKJS


You have to take a look at the winds before you take off. If you fly direct to KSFO you probably won’t make it. You have to add a couple of waypoints that will take you to the same path as the jetstream.

Good luck!


Ok thanks, so far I have flown direct and it is saying I will get there with 3 hours extra fuel but I guess that will change, is there any way I can view the current jet stream route?


I like using the Windy App for that.

It’s great! You even get the information for different altitude levels.


Thank you good to know


(Gasps) My country! Well, it and Canada.


Currently flying from WABB to YPDN with a Garuda 737-800! 43 minutes to go with 0 knot winds!


Just reached my first cruising altitude of FL370. On my way from KLAS to ESSA. Should take around ten hours to complete this journey. This is a Norwegian Air Shuttle route, flight 7104 using a B789. I have 211 passangers and 53,400kgs of fuel onboard. Final cruising altitude will be FL410.

Flight Share

KLAS 3718N/11332W 5330N/7000W YKL 5728N/5800W 6000N/5000W 6200N/4000W 6400N/3000W 6500N/2000W 6500N/1000W 6400N/000W 6314N/414E 6141N/1213E 6055N/1637E DEGAL HMR 5948N/1818E SA499 SA602 SA604 SA605 SA802 SA801 ESSA

Lake Mead in the background in a hazy evening.

Also did a FedEx route from RJBB to KMEM yesterday. Kansai-Osaka on the artificial island was quite pretty.