Global Flight - The Log Book


Call me crazy, but how did you get the normal view and left wing view at the same time?


He was on Solo and recorded first the normal view and then the other one.


Ahh good idea. Nice video!


Despite Ryanair being an AWFUL😡 airline at flying, they take you to awesome locations in Europe.


It is rather easy in iMovie editor which I use for editing the videos. And yes, I did match the touch down and the wing/spoiler view set at the same time and when the music shifts : )


What is the purpose of this elaborate exercise in futility and unreality…VNLK only has about a 1700 ft rwy !!!


Many purposes and almost none of those you unkindly mentioned!


Now flying HAAB Addis ababa HDAM Dijibouti in a Boeing 737-800 flying on expert server as Ethiopian 79.


I have been flying between KDFW and KSAT, awesome route btw. FL 25,000 feet, air speed 310 knots and took me 43 minutes. Dallas has lots of lakes surrounding it :D




Just finished some flying just for fun.

SEQM to LKPR, 7784NM, time 6:54

On the rout added one chase flying and then return to base. If anybody like same hi speed flight please look at this event:


Currently replicating the BAW15 flight. EGLL to YSSY via WSSS. Catch me on the liveflight app.

British Airways 15 Heavy or IFCJaquilleAjb.


VHHH to KLAX 12hr 34m Flight on an AA 777-300.


Phoenix to Denver
Airline: Frontier
Aircraft: A320
Block Time: 1hr 50mins


KPHX 3400N/11136W 3437N/11107W 3531N/11032W 3539N/11026W OURAY KNOSA RAWAH 3848N/10554W FREZE

Absolutely gorgeous flight from Phoenix to Denver, i need to do more US flights! If like me you are UK based and the steepest thing you are used to is your driveway…Just remember the elevation at Denver is >5000ft 😮


Currently en route MSSS - EKCH Singapore A380. ETA 12:20 EST

Here I am :)

getting close now, 230nm out



Lovely short flight from Melbourne to Lord howe Island, on final I was trying to land whilst brushing teeth! So had to go around and come back in very short runway at lord howe, also an f16 accompanied me for part of my route


Try seqm Quito :) I think that’s around 9000 feet above sea level


Word of advice approach runway 18 has a nasty bug on 36 like at la guardia Hill u can’t see until it gets u


Thanks for the heads up 👊🏻, will be doing a Luthansa Cargo into Quito soon