Global Flight - The Log Book


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I did some landings in the Canary Islands before I decided to continue towards The Hague. However, midflight I decided to divert to Madrid because my iPad was getting a bit to hot.


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Attempt 2. A nice morning departure from the Marietta Lockheed plant to deliver a new C-130 to the Indian Air Force.


Bad lighting effects


Just landed and handed over the keys. First leg from Marietta to Svalbard took 8 hours 27 minutes and the second leg from Svalbard to Hindon AFB (No. 77 Squadron home) took 8 hours 24 minutes.

As can be customary with deliveries, I made two low approaches for the brass.

Finally sitting on the ramp prepped for inspection.


nice flight might try that


Currently descending into KSAT from KDFW at 7,000 feet going 220 knots. I am 33 km from the airport.


Dubai to Beirut

Airline: Emirates
Aircraft: 777-300ER
Block Time: 4hrs 30mins

OMDB 2518N/5517E 2520N/5511E 2519N/5502E 2522N/5447E NABOP
2532N/5409E 2532N/5408E 2534N/5357E 2544N/5330E 2550N/5311E
2601N/5244E 2613N/5218E 2619N/5204E 2622N/5156E 2624N/5150E
2628N/5138E 2641N/5100E 2643N/5051E 2646N/5044E 2647N/5039E
2652N/5026E 2702N/5007E 2717N/4954E 2741N/4933E 2757N/4919E
2823N/4906E 2848N/4847E 2926N/4818E TASMI 3033N/4711E ALPET
3147N/4529E 3215N/4516E 3238N/4504E 3313N/4443E 3319N/4441E
3331N/4437E 3429N/4408E 3517N/4343E 3605N/4317E 3646N/4254E
3714N/4238E 3746N/4146E 3808N/4107E TAMER 3837N/3930E EZS BULUT GEM


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So, it has been a very busy January for me. For that reason, I haven’t done as many flights as I would have liked. I still managed to do quite a few, so here they are.

Singapore (WSSS) - Bangkok (VTBS)

A 1 hour and 45 minute flight on the DC-10, with a beautiful descent into Thailand. I recommend it.

Vienna (LOWW) - Addis Ababa (HAAB)

An almost 6 hour flight with fantastic terrain and a lovely aircraft. I oblige anyone who hasn’t flown in Ethiopia yet to do it. It is simply stunning.

Jeddah (OEJN) - Istanbul (LTBA)

3 and a half hours of very varied terrain. From flat desert, to sea, to mountainous and then the descent. Central Turkey was by far the best one, and I suggest you fly there if you haven’t yet.

Frankfurt (EDDF) - Moscow (UUEE)

2 hour and 20 minutes on the wonderful 748, spanning a variety of landscape, with a nice sunrise halfway through. Landing at SVO is pretty chill, especially with the wonderful help of ATC.

Kaliningrad (UMKK) - Moscow (UUEE)

No more than 2 hours long, this flight is a very nice route from the former German exclave to the capital city. I witnessed a beautiful moon on my way out and wonderful ATC work in Moscow.

Bangkok (VTBS) - Hong Kong (VHHH)

At a little over two hours long, this route is perfect for a short flight to HGK on the 777. Scenery is great in that part of the world.

Seoul (RKSI) - Taipei (RCTP)

Just under 2:20 flight. I liked this route because of the wonderful combination of huge international airports, great scenery and a wonderful experience in the expert server. The west coast of South Korea is just not worth missing.

Cincinnati (KCVG) - Atlanta (KATL)

A 60 minute hop to Delta’s super hub for FNF. Very short, great for these circumstances.

Miami (KMIA) - New York (KJFK)

A flight I’ve wanted to do for many months now. When I found out National operated these flights in real life on the DC-10, I didn’t waste a minute thinking about it. Approaching JFK on a busy day is always huge fun, and the strong gusts made it quite special.

Moscow (UUEE) - New York (KJFK)

Nine hours on the transatlantic overnighter. Unfortunately JFK was empty when I arrived, but again, strong winds kept me concentrated after a good flight.

Seattle (KSEA) - Honolulu (PHNL)

Longest flight on a single aisle to date for me. The approach to Hawaii is something I will have to do again. Great flight, fantastic scenery on a great plane. 10/10 recommended.

Cagliari (LIEE) - Innsbruck (LOWI)

On FDS flying day, I decided to finally fly to Innsbruck. To my surprise, the best part of the flight was actually the departure from Cagliari. It is an absolutely stunning departure with mountains and the sea right next to each other. I absolutely recommend it.

Athens (LGAV) - Split (LDSP)

Something like 1 hour long, my first flight on the A318 in a long while. The departure from Athens was fantastic, with many islands, mountains and coasts to stare at during climb. The descent into the Croatian coast was also very nice, and the airport in Split is an interesting one.

Santiago (SCEL) - Auckland (NZAA)

My longest flight yet, one that I had thought about doing since the day Global was announced in development. It may seem like a boring flight, since it’s pretty much all ocean, but still one I recommend.

Melbourne (YMML) - Brisbane (YBBN)

I decided to take the 767 out for a flight on a domestic flight. The views in southeastern Aurtralia are really underrated. I love them, and will continue to enjoy them.

Los Angeles (KLAX) - Anchorage (PANC)

Five hours on the always enjoyable MD-11F. The departure was great, as is common at LAX. The approach not so much, due to the lack of traffic and flat terrain, but still a flight I wanted to do and in the end I enjoyed.

So there’s the first four weeks of 2018. I hope you had a great start of the year, I did, and let’s hope for a 2018 full of great activity in Infinite Flight!


Just departed LSZH in an Swiss A330-300 bound for BOS for some clam chowda!!! Beautiful view of the Swiss Alps on departure. Swiss 65 Heavy, out…


Accomplished my longest flight to date so far by the skin of my teeth. Reunion Island to Phoenix, AZ. The flight took 21 hours and 40 minutes from takeoff to touchdown. 5 hours in I didn’t think I was going to make it but with the help of fellow community members and their knowledge of different apps I could use, I was able to modify my flight plan based on current real time winds aloft info. Instead of doing the great circle route, I turned left at Barcelona towards The Azores and then to Bermuda. Once there, and with the help of the wind app, I turned north toward Chicago and then back south direct Gallup for the arrival into Phoenix. I had only 99 lbs of fuel on short final and actually all 4 engines died while in reverse. If your eyes can make it out, the fuel remaining and that info is along the bottom of the pics. Never in a million years can I do that again. Again, a big thanks to the community for the help.


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Anchorage to Fairbanks
Airline: Alaska
Aircraft: 737-800
Block Time: 1hr 20mins

PANC 6232N/14922W CAWIN 6320N/14858W 6403N/14830W GLOWS PAFA


Birmingham to Dublin
Airline: Ryan Air
Aircraft: 737-800
Block Time: 1hr 15mins

EGBB BBN11 BBN18 5245N/158W 5311N/237W VABKA ASNIP PENIL 5339N/434W BAGSO
5338N/546W EIDW

A nice short flight, particularly good heading to the Irish coast at sunset. Caught a nice moon rising as leaving the Welsh coastline this evening



Finished EGLL-KLAX this morning (for the 5th time ever 😂). I had to go around because I woke up too late, but other than that, it was a pretty legit Flight!


Training on Equatorial sun chasing race @ HUEN - 021600ZFEB18

Today I tested just first part of this event.

Entebe HUEN to Quito SEQM

Aircraft A318-100