Global Flight - The Log Book


just finished a flight from Stockholm to Moscow
The winds were quite calm and overall it was a pretty good flight

Flight information:
Flight time: 1 hour and 55 Minutes
Aircraft: Aeroflot 777-300ER


Back in Miami after a 9 hr flight from Paris!



YSSY ENTRA 3253S/15318E 3100S/15723E 2749S/16300E VIRAR PUPEX TEPEK 1739S/17723E 1635S/17843E BAXIL GOBIN WOOBY 300N/16000W 1100N/15000W 2000N/14000W 2800N/13000W ELKEY 3326N/12030W VTU SADDE BAYST SMO JAVSI KLAX

Flight Time: 12:44
Aircraft and Cruise Speed: Boeing 747-400// Mach 0.86
Cruise: FL310 Step climb every 2000 feet MSL to FL390


Just deleted and re-downloaded IF. My log book is reset, so for now on, every airport I fly too I have to fly out of that airport.

My first airport? KLAX


Cool I might do that from NZAA


Planned flight: Tokyo Narita - Osaka
Plane: Boeing 737-800, JAL Express
Call Sign: MCH-98 (as always)

I ended up returning back to Tokyo (but Haneda). That’s something I really like to do. Changing the flight plan midflight is fun.


Luxembourg - Milan

Provides a very scenic route over the Alps.

Aircraft: Luxair Dash 8-Q400
Flight time: 1hr 10min approx.


KPHX-KDFW (Phoenix to Dallas)

Departure over the Mesa area of Phoenix

The naval air base overlooking Lake Worth (the lake)

Willow Canyon


Good job nice flight nice pics ✈🛩🛫


I just did a flight from New York to Nairobi

There isn’t much scenery as it is just ocean and most of Africa doesn’t have the HD terrain but when you get to Kenya it is a nice approach and kenya has the HD terrain so you get to see africa!

Flight time: 12 hours and 11 minutes
Aircraft: Kenya Airways 787-8
Cruise speed: Mach.90 (i know it isn’t realistic but I had to leave early in the morning)
Cruise Altitude: FL340


I spotted you going to Kenya, I was going to O R Tambo. Hope you had a good flight @William_Burke


Airline = Flybe Virtual
Flight time 54 min
61 passengers on board


International flight conducted from Auckland New Zealand to Dubai UAE - scheduled stopover in Brisbane Australia finally arrived. ☺️✈️ 🇳🇿 🇦🇺 🇦🇪

Aircraft A380
Flight Emirates 435 Heavy
Flight Time 18 hours 16 mins


Currently doing a KDFW-KSEA at 36,000 feet going Mach 0.82.


I decided to challenge myself:
Paro Approach
It’s not beautiful, but I didn’t crash. And that…

Is something.



Los Angeles to Honolulu
Airline: United
Aircraft: 777-200ER
Block Time: 5hrs 50mins

DENNS 2223N/15547W SOLCE SOMOH 2150N/15657W 2124N/15730W GRITL CKH

A great flight that you can leave for a few hours whilst crossing the blue stuff, and then return to enjoy an approach around Hawaii


Zurich to Athens
Airline: Swiss
Aircraft: A330
Block Time: 2hrs 20mins

LSZH 4729N/831E 4731N/830E ZH503 ZH506 KOLUL ZH504 ZH525 DEGES
GAMSA MADEB TIRUL NATAG BORMI 4538N/1118E 4448N/1136E 4435N/1158E
DITUM 4410N/1235E ANC MASEG NUTRO 4240N/1453E 4228N/1512E RUPAX VIE
PERAV ENOXA 4036N/1817E TIGRA KRK 3913N/2018E 3903N/2028E
3852N/2039E 3835N/2056E 3830N/2102E ARA RILIN KOR D111Q EGN LGAV


Just finished a KEWR-KORD while landing in very low visibility.
I am about to do another KEWR-KORD as I am loving these short visibility landings.


GLCP-LIRP (Grand Canary to Pisa)

Side Note: This flight only operates on Sundays

At the departure gate GLCP

Leaving the Canaries

Over Palma de Mallorca

At the arrival gate LIRP


Thats an interesting gate…