Global Flight - The Log Book

788 would be your best bet for least refueling stops.

Nevertheless, good luck! 👍

Torino Caselle LIMF - Frankfurt EDDF

A320 Lufthansa

And back Frankfurt EDDF - Torino Caselle LIMF

During the day it is even better.
But in theory this route is served by Lufthansa Regional with its CRJs 900, therefore I really hope this livery will be added.

The flight one way isn’t longer than one hour, so if you don’t have much time you should try this!

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Finally someone from the Community and flown from Ecuador XD

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Happy New Year everyone!
From now, I’ll be posting a few flights each day for you to try out. Most of the routes are not popularly flown in IF, but I recommend trying out the flights to explore different parts of the world. Safe flights!

Monday January 1st, 2018

1. British Midland Regional Flight BM-1822

Real-life Aircraft: G-CKAG / Embraer ERJ-145EP
Duration: 1.5 h

2. Belavia Belarusian Airlines Flight B2-843

Real-life Aircraft: EW-336PA / Boeing B737-3Q8
Duration: 1 h

3. AirAsia Flight AK-10

Real-life Aircraft: 9M-AJT / Airbus A320-216
Duration: 3.5 h

4. Transportes Aeromar Flight VW-240

Real-life Aircraft: XA-MKH / ATR 72-212A600
Duration: 1.5 h

5. Aerolíneas Argentinas Flight AR-1368

Real-life Aircraft: LV-FRQ / Boeing B737-8BK
Duration: 3 h

6. Delta Air Lines Flight DL-2263

Real-life Aircraft: N931DL / McDonnell Douglas MD-88
Duration: 3 h

7. Finnair Flight AY-1366

Real-life Aircraft: OH-LKH / Embraer ERJ-190-100LR
Duration 2.5 h

8. Allegiant Air Flight G4-672

Real-life Aircraft: N409NV / McDonnell Douglas MD-83
Duration: 2.5 h

9. ExpressJet Airlines Flight EV-2847

Real-life Aircraft: N611QX / Bombardier CRJ-701
Duration: 2 h

10. Transportes Aeromar Flight VW-461

Real-life Aircraft: XA-UYT / ATR 72-212A600
Duration: 1.5 h

Please note that some of the aircraft type/livery are not available in IF. Feel free to choose the aircraft and livery on your own for the flight that best matches the real-life route if you want as much realism as possible.
In a few cases, the airports listed above does not exist in IF/different ICAO code in IF (mostly in Russia).
Flight plans are not provided as I feel it would be more fun if you have more control over your own flights ;)
To view a list of other flights, click here: (Google Sheets)
To view the overall map of these and other flights, click here: (Google My Maps)

Have a wonderful day ahead!

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Cruising through southeastern Georgia

Entering Florida

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Just finished KIAH-LTBA with Laura sitting at the gates while I landed! I did this flight with @jrraviation, but he didn’t wake up to descend. Legend has it, he’s still flying, under the mysterious callsign of…NJRR20…really, check liveflight.

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Lengend has it that he just landed O_o

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How?!! Where? I thought you were a goner!

IST…omg laura just spawned in

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She’s been there lmao, she saw my butter landing


Try some Squeeze Parkay instead next time…it might grease your landing a little better !!!

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How do you make those flight plans?

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In this flight, I circled the globe twice with varied speed. The flight began at KRFD and ended at RJST, with several refueling stops.This was done in the boeing freighter livery B748F.

Final flight time - 70 hours 4 minutes.


Wow 70 hours 😯😯😯😯😯😯😯😯😯😯😯😯

Just coming into Manchester after a rapid trip flying a TUI 787 from Bermuda at only 5hrs!

I just finished my second RTW flight, this time using cargo aircraft only and routes they fly. Total flight time was 33 hours.


I did an approach into Malta Intl. Airport with an engine 3 failure. There are some crazy winds and turbulences at the moment which made this task pretty challenging.

Great flight, though.


“Failure“ :D I kinda like that

Yeah, I know. At least it’s a simulated failure, isn’t it? :D

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