Global Flight - The Log Book


Leading on from the successful ‘tester tracking thread’ it’s now our time to show off our own adventures - I have created this thread as a central place for people to log the routes they have flown and share screengrabs from around the globe.

This thread is in response to the many threads that keep popping up with people wanting to share their journey or ask for advice on where to go next.

Please make clear in your post; where you have departed from, where you are going to and if possible - let people know what route you are taking so we can try it ourselves!

Don’t forget to share your route using the LiveFlight app:

Liveflight credits: @Cameron

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Incredible Geographical Features

Liverpool - Paris

1hr 20mins.

Beautiful scenery over south of England and the channel.

No liveflight route screengrab to share due to it being down.


Counts as a duplicate?!


Damn!! - Got my words mixed. Ah well, let’s see which stays. I hoped to make this one a little professional in appearance and provide a space for sharing photos more then ‘where have you been’


Meh this one seems more professional and detailed. I’m currently doing NBO-ZRH on a Kenya 787.


KLAX to EHAM last night. 9.5hrs, wind was incredibly unfavourable but it was a spectacular journey.


San Francisco to Hong Kong did not disappoint!


Tyler are you going to make more suggested routes so far I’m loving them!


Just flew with @JRRaviation and @Matt737 from IAH-FRA (I joined midway near CYYR). Great route if you want to fly medium haul. I can definitely recommend this route 😄




You were parked next to me when you started in KSFO. I’ll have to try flying to Hong Kong next.


Awesome thread! Very professional!

I’m currently flying YSSY Sydney Australia to ZSPD Shanghai China in a Qantas B747-400. Currently over Outback Queensland, ETE is 6hrs 50 mins. 😁🇦🇺✈️


I’ll refresh them monthly.


SFO to Tokyo in an ANA 787-10 👌


That’s me in the United 747!


I have just touched down in Iceland after departing Heathrow around 2 and a half hours ago…

Where next? I really enjoyed the Manchester to Skiathos route i did a couple days ago!


Phoenix Sky Harbor to London Heathrow in 747


How long did that take you??


About 8 hours 30 minutes- Game crashed on final though :(


KPVD-KISP is a beautiful short hop!

Sorry for the poor screenshots, it looks much better when you’re flying.