Global Flight | Testers Tracking Thread

Tyler gonna do KRAP-KSLC

While everyone is waiting for Global , need to learn what IFR altitudes above 18,000’ to fly at.
Any questions , don’t hesitate to ask.


@Tyler_Shelton take the right route and you’ll get a view of mount Rushmore from near KRAP

I’m flying the route that’s being flown right now by a Delta RJ2 in SLC. I’ll try finding Mount Rushmore next time for sure!


That’s one thing. There’s many things coming with global that I have no idea about. I really hope Mark and Tyler post some tutorials related to this and much more.
Gonna be a lot of time until I master fuel consumption, cruise altitudes, airways, etc.


here ya go

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He will have to clean his tires upon landing, you don’t want some KRAP on them!

I was gonna say something bout that but got scared that I would get flagged

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Wait, is global already out? If not, how close is it.
They have been talking about global for over a year now and no date or time frame given.

still in Alpha testing

Yeah but that’s limited to our current regions. I imagine it is different when flying airways, and over international airspace and transoceanic.

You always follow that route unless following an airway, but as airways in IF don’t display altitudes you must always use this rule

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Are Laura and the developers trying to get a really stable alpha release?

Nah, in fact it works too well, I heard the reason they hired @Cameron was to make sure that every second flight crashes right after the time consuming flight planning is done, 25% should crash on a one mile final and another 20% are planned to crash by A/P switching off over the Atlantic.


You diverted the wrong way 😂

why do you say that ? LAX was my intended destination

@Mark_Denton Spotted departing PHNL off to Anchorage in an Alaska 737. 👨🏻‍✈️



I just would have went left thru the green stuff to avoid the yellow, instead of going that far around it all works though.

Oh you’re talking about last nights flight

On LiveFlight, I saw someone controlling ATC in Athens. Is that part of alpha testing?

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