Global Flight | Testers Tracking Thread


Nah, Singapore Airlines 🇸🇬 . ;)

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It sure does. I wish I can share it but soon enough with just a lil more patience, everyone will see! Just get ready to be WOWed!


I see you’re just about to go over the Pacific ocean. Have fun and safe landings at Heathrow :)

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@Cameron heading to Edinburgh from Oban. Defiantly looking forward to these Scottish airports in global!


The callsign tho…

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I’m about to leave the San Francisco region


They’re awesome - by the time we simulate rain it’ll be hard to tell it apart from reality ;-)


I can’t fly in the Denver region, but it would be great if someone could go up and see this XFV- “Pogo” and take a screenshot so we can see if it really is the MD-11 or DC-10 Or @Ryan_Vince what are you flying? Might be easier 😂

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Do you actually believe you would see it as the DC10/MD11 if it were?


Not really but I have high hopes and my fingers crossed just to get a glimpse


I know it’s a duplicate (sorry) but it might be the DC-10 or MD-11

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The MD11/DC10 isn’t in our current version, if you saw it, most likely, it would be invisible or disguised as another aircraft already in the game.


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@dush19 where ya heading bud?


In game it showed he was flying a generic a321. Couldn’t get a screenshot as it’s kinda hard keeping a plane still moving at such high speed.

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Such talk about me lol, diverting north of the region since I don’t want 28 people following me in with F22s


Theres only 3… :)


The only thing I could see.

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For everybody thinking they saw an MD11 or DC10, the MD11/DC10 model isn’t in the current IF version there is no way you could have possibly seen it.
What you saw is most likely an FDS chosen to disguise the MD11/DC10 as.