Global Flight sighting on Live Flight App

Link to flight on LiveFlight


Keep title like this

Please continue here :)

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He is Talking about Live Flight

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But it’s about Global Flight, he should post it at Global Flight speculation.

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But he is talking about a feature in Live flight app


Don’t argue please, it’s same and related topic which you should use the old topic.

Let the Moderators decide

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yes but it is not speculation of Global Flight, it is actually a confirmation of the testing of global flight! Would make sense to have this separate thread basis spotted on “Live Flight”

Just listened to latest Flightcast (great show @jasonrosewell btw) with “Philippe” who discussed Global flight, no confirmed dates, however wouldn’t expect any with such a large project. Teaches us all a bit of patience!

That’s interesting.
She hasn’t been flying global for a while now.
Global is back in the works I assume…


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That’s what Laura said on Instagram

Keep it to the Global Flight: Speculation topic. :)