Global Flight Server?

If global flight is put into the game, would there still be three servers? One for official IF ATC’s, one forplayground ATC’s, and the free flight server?

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Most likely, we advanced controllers don’t want nimrods flying around ignoring our instructions


Even though I’m not a controller, I feel the same way 👍

Global flight topic! … …again

I hope FDS Will mark a step in mobile Flight simulation!

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I think we all do!

I’ve seen a couple of schematics of airports, designed by airport editors that aren’t in IF yet. This is going to be one very large feature of course.

I’m trying to design every airport in New England, starting with Massachusetts.

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@carmalonso changed our repo to include the whole world, but he did say this has nothing to do with developments in IF.

Global flight or not we will most likely keep the servers the way it is since not everyone has the same style of flying and we don’t have the resources to educate everyone on how to fly responsively and listen to ATC.


Thats what I thought

Make sure KBOS is very detailed ;)

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It would be a very interesting airport for IFATC’s to try and control

It’s like the one ATC is in Sydney and the Other is in Dubai.

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