Global Flight Progress Thread

I don’t know where else to put all the photos of the progress of Global flight, so here’s a thread where you can do just that! 😄

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Could you make it a wiki?

How do those photos show the progress of Global flight?


Great idea! Now all of the Global Flight progress will be organized in one topic! :)

Done. ;)

It doesn’t need to be a wiki though. It’s not a livery tracking thread. @Aviationluver

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No, they are well within the region border.


They’re not though… They’re in the region boundaries. If they weren’t in the boundaries, they would be falling out of the sky.

I honestly don’t see the point to create this thread…we already know that the entire world will be added.

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And here you got some proof just taken from my phone :)


Well you and Henrik are right… Oops 😅

Well anyways, this thread can still be used for any other Global progress pictures.


It would have been better if this thread was done here

But since that is in #announcements this is fine


This looks like our possible Global map!

Looks like Google Earth to me. :)


Isn’t Google Earth what the devs used to build our terrain? :)

Don’t think so. I believe they use some data source that I forgot the name of…

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