Global Flight Planning Help

Hello IFC. I have been noticing the same thing when entering several “long-haul” routes’ flight plans. I will go onto Flightaware to copy the exact flight’s flight plan, and then paste it into the flight planner. Then I see a million flight paths that go all over the world and cross every which way instead of the correct path. Is this the development team’s error with the location of certain waypoints? Or something else with the route? Help please!

Also, if another topic has the answer, please don’t direct me there and shut my topic down. Just give me the help I need and when I say everything is nice and dandy, you may then shut down my topic. Thank you.

Check out the flight planning series part 4. It will show you how to edit that. Some waypoints are duplicated on the globe so this tends to happen.

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Hello there! :)

This is probably the cause of missing waypoints which have another waypoint with the exact same name somewhere else in the world. We navigation editors try to add as many of them as we can, but there will always be some missing…

Hope that helped!