Global Flight - Picture in Picture (PIP)

Fair enough it was just an idea


Now I can start a live stream and watch myself watch the live stream with IF in the corner. No but seriously this would be nice. Watch youtube and fly.

Yeah I like this. Usually I prefer realism but this is a great idea.


Excellent idea I just hope the developers agreed that


I would love this

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Yeah so would I, I would use it so much

I know you never know they may have aready seen it

Some video apps on Android support picture and picture like the YouTube gaming app and twitch

Yeah so that’s even better now

I understand that everybody wants a solution to close infinite flight while on a route? It takes away the experience from flying if you don’t have time to make the flight then dont fly period. Just my opinion.

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That is fair enough but for this of us who play for fun it would be nice to use our devices of to her things at the same time

Smart idea! :)

Thanks I thought the community would like it

this is awesome!

Thank you very much

Nice idea, I like it! :D

Fancy seeing you here

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Not possible Meybe talk to the apple devs :)

Why is it not possible?

Infinite flight cannot controle how your device works also it would be unfair for android users…