Global Flight or Regions With Gate/Terminals with Building


  • Global Flight
  • Buildings/Terminals
    [/poll]Which would you prefer?

Global Flight, you might want to set up a poll.

both feature will kill my device

  • Regions w/ Buildings
  • Global Flight

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Global defiantly

That’s a hard one cause I want both, but I want global a tiny bit more :)

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Since global flight is being worked on this is a bit of a mute point! However one day would love to have terminal buildings ( even if no other buildings!)

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Adding buildings will add more space which everyone don’t always have.

  1. Having both would crash many devices, so IF would probably have to move to PC/Mac (Idk though, IF devs are gods when it comes to coding, so they could make it work ;p)
  2. I’m fine with taking steps at a time before global, just for everyone to get a general feel, dev’s to know the publics actual though on it (Example: Connecting the south-eastern coast, so like you could do a flight from Atlanta to Miami, etc.)
  3. Global flight FTW!

Well here I’ll choose global over buildings…✌

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