Global Flight or More Aircraft?

I know that this topic will be closed. I know global flight has been confirmed. But I need your guys’s opinion. Would you have preferred more aircraft for more realistic routes, then global flight, or global flight first then more planes?

Please take @FedoraPilot’s poll down below.

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  • More planes, then global flight
  • Global flight, then more planes

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Once Global Flight is out, the poll will be closed.

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So much for optimism :)


I know, because I have a feeling a mod will call this an unnecessary thread.

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Double check the mod tag next to my name ;)


I know you are a mod :)

Global is a big project needs months of work, like the multiplayer. He will come when it comes

Making/reworking aircrafts need a bit less Time

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Yeah, so I would love to get the planes, get used to them, and then getting global flight, and flying the aircraft that makes the most sense.

In my opinion, there are already plenty of planes to do realistic routes with. We just to be able to do those routes. :)

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Than why make it?

Global. Makes certain aircraft more enjoyable. The 747 is useless in the sim, from how I use it, since all the routes are too short for what’s realistic. I’m not the type to mirror an exact real-world flight but I do try and fly planes based solely on the length of they fly in real life.

Tell me about it lol

A380 from WSSS to WMKK is power :P

I guess the 747 suits TNCM the best… the landings :D

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