Global flight-New Year surprise?

Do you think for Global flight will coming out for New Year 2017?

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To be honest, no! I expect it would be March-ish with the C130 coming before Christmas - soon hopefully!


I was hoping that it would be a ‘christmas present’, but I doubt that that will happen. :)


yeah, I see global coming next year but C 130 update soon ;)


I know it’s a bit of a stretch, but I’m expecting the C-130 and DC-10/MD11 before 2017, and global flight sometime early next year. It’s not that I’m greedy, that’s just what i think FDS is capable of with their awesome development team! :))

Hmm, I think it’s too early to speculate that Global will appear in December. However, it may be possible if FDS wants to surprise us


I highly doubt the DC10 or MD11 will be done before New Years…


Definitely. It would be extremely hard to create a whole new plane from almost scratch to be finished soon. MD11 next year is almost a definite for me.

Yeah the DC10/MD11 i am a little doubtful of…

I personally think that the C-130 will be the Christmas present. Global will be something for in the future I think.


I think DC10-MD11 is be early next year.

No. If you consist IFAET, you know, that release of Global Update will be ready when will be ready all airport able service A380. The person responsible for the sorting of done airports said that this will happen in February 2017.

Not earlier.

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Sorry for the sad truth…

No problem,I only ask members what they mean.

Needs to be now.

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They seem finished with Global, the only reason of speculation is because there’s no specific date of release. Devs just need to fix a few bugs and Global could be released in a few weeks.


I taught Laura said on her Instagram account that global Will come in 2016


Mmmm, remember that they don’t even know when are the updates coming.

No, they still have a lot of work to do, but I do think we will get a C130 Christmas surprise:-D

I’d say…c130 new year present…MD/DC April fools😝…n global bout august…don’t speculate n prepare for the worst(worst here means taking long to come)…