Global Flight- How it will possibly look?

Found this on Laura’s IG page


Lol. Old.

Pictures of it were already shown on A new dawn continued


It will be amazing! But we have to wait…

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That picture is fake, the real one is in the One Dawn Continued post

Thay were both real…


Well, we won’t have to wait more than 2 months

Haha misha closed it maybe he was scared

No, he probably closed it because it was stupid. Speculating isn’t going to tell you when the update will arrive.
It will arrive, when all of the bugs and stuff are sorted out. And there is no way of knowing when that will be.


I don’t think you realise how big Global Flight will be. It’s not like every other update where it gets released every 2 or 3 months. This is probably the biggest update there will be for Infinite Flight. It should come out maybe early next year.


As much as I want it to come out soon, app development simply doesn’t work like that! Meeting deadlines in programming is often joked about as being impossible. Maybe I’m underestimating the time-management skills of the developers at FDS though!


Look at the top of the #announcements section.
That picture that you posted was revealed.
Also that picture was from here:

It will be global, so basically the entire world on the map. Or chunks on the map, not all of it.

I think they will need to make automatic ATC’s that can be replaced by real people, because there will be a lack of ATC’s.

That already exists, it’s the Unicom

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Is it in advanced?

I don’t think so, but not too sure as I don’t have live and know this from other people.

I don’t have it either but I don’t think advanced has it.

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but i feel like unicom is more of an announcement thing rather then atc bots tbh

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Hello its a similar thing

Advanced has unicom, basically if there are no controllers there will be unicom.

Okay, thanks!