Global Flight:Grand Canyon

I think this would be one of the areas in the game that would be difficult to map out by altitude.The reason why I say that is because I think mapping out the Canyons to its approximate size and getting the constant change of altitude would be difficult because currently, we barely have any below sea level areas in any area. But somehow, it’s going to turn out good.


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I would just contact Google and ask them for the 3D map files. Give them credit and your all done. Realistic citys, distance and layout VS generic city drawings. My biggest issue with Flight Sims is a perfect airport, yet missing the roads (major highways, etc)

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Landing in the Grand Canyon is far safer for helos than props…if it can be considered routinely safe at all…IMHO…and consequently if and when IF gets it’s first helo…and you don’t autogyro down xx hundreds of feet… it might be a better time to suggest it…

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