Global Flight + Flight Planning

When global flight comes out, I think we need more advanced controls too add to the time it takes to create a plan. Right now, you can just hop right in an a380, press a couple buttons, and speed right to the runway. I think adding more interactive controls would add to the realism of flight planning.


What type of interactive controls are you talking about?

Sorry I shouldve been more specific. I mean like being able to use all even just some more of the controls like ones in the cockpits.

Like windshield, AC, engine start/stop, and lots of other ones i dont know about lol

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A NAV mode will definitely be essential

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Yes definetly

We already have that… contact @carmalonso if you have questions…

we have lots of topics like this already made please search for them should be Virtual Cockpit or cockpit instruments.

What he’s asking for specifically does seem to have been requested.

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I’m going to ask that you create a feature request with these specifically, unless you can find other ones that describe what you’re asking for, like I know the engine start and stop have been requested before. Maybe you should create a separate feature request for each, and describe what it is and how it would improve infinite flight. Be sure not to make too many requests a day though:)