Global Flight - Confirmed Features (What We Know is Coming)

Hello Infinite Flight Community!

I thought that I should make a thread to discuss the features that will be in the new update. This thread is similar to an old one in 2016, but it is locked, so I thought I should crank up the Hype Meter, and make a new one. Please do not post any speculative features that you “think” will be in the new update, only the features approved by the FDS Team. Here are the ones I know that will be in the next update:

Confirmed Features:

  • LNAV
  • Floating point bug fix
  • New scenery data (stream)
  • New weather/sky rendering
  • Fuel Burn
  • New Global Airports
  • The ability to fly around the world
  • Southwest Shamu 737 Livery (Confirmed by Cameron)
  • The ability to turn engines on and off

If you know more, feel free to write them down below, however, no speculations please! Have a Great Day!

Mods, if there is an issue with the creation of this thread, or for some reason it must be locked, Please PM me!



We already have a lot of topics about global, ‘evolution of global’ discusses everything you’ve mentioned above.

Write a good, strong discussion driven post in there and watch it blossom!